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Living Life Coach urges taking stock at midlife and checking back into the game by Maribeth Neelis Existential angst can strike at any age. But mid-life changes, like health issues, retirement, divorce or an empty nest, often challenge a person's sense of self and intensify the anxiety. "We have a population of people who have come to see their identity in one way, through their career, their children, their status. Then they wake up one day and realize they have no balance. They don't exercise or eat well. They're never in nature," says Stacey Vicari, life coach and founder of My Ideal Life.™ The imbalance manifests as guilt, shame, apathy, an inability to have fun, or most commonly, Vicari says, a lack of joy—the abiding internal state of well-being that is not influenced by external factors. 56

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