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"They also don't have any volume loss to the breast, as they do with a lumpectomy..." Less-Invasive Options Radiation post-surgery is also standard treatment today, and Rose became the first Denver hospital to offer a lessintrusive, time-saving intraoperative option as part of Schwartzberg's other clinical trial. After removing the tumor, Schwartzberg places a radiation source in the cavity while the incision is open and delivers about 10 to 15 minutes of radiation, which equals an entire treatment course, before removing the device and closing the incision. External radiation treatments can require five to seven weeks of nearly daily doses and include more potential side effects. "My ultimate goal is to do both of these treatments in one setting, inserting the radiation therapy in through a probe after the laser is removed," Schwartzberg says. "Their breast-cancer treatment is over in one day." Although Duckels could not be in both trials, she was a candidate for an internal radiation therapy, which also reduces side effects such as burns, because her cancer was detected early. Duckels went to the Breast Care at Red Rocks center, where radioactive seeds were inserted through a catheter that Duckels wore through an incision in her chest for five days. But the staff made the process comfortable, Duckels says, adding that she was grateful to have less-invasive options throughout her care. Furthering Science Treatments are continually evolving thanks to women like Duckels, who, because of the approval process, had to undergo a traditional lumpectomy surgery as well to ensure the laser treatment was effective, Schwartzberg says. "It takes women like her to step up to the plate." Duckels hopes other cancer patients will benefit from her participation in the trial, just as she has reaped the rewards of medical advancements because of women before her, she says. "My grandmother never even had a mammogram. She died at 67. And my mother had a lot of problems with radiation treatment. It burned her pretty badly," she says. "Mostly, I just want women to get checked regularly, because if it's caught early, it's much more treatable." DidYouKnow? Five-year survival rates for breast cancer patients are now 100 percent in the early stages, dropping to 22 percent when not diagnosed until the latest stage. (National Cancer Institute) See a complete list of Denver metro imaging centers on page 98 No time for a mammogram? Think again Dr. Bridget Rogers says mammograms are worth the short, often non-existent, wait. HealthONE patients who make excuses for avoiding a mammogram should cross "lack of time" off their lists, as the system offers a number of screening sites across the metro area that aim for high efficiency. "You don't need an appointment, and our wait times are basically none," says Dr. Bridget Rogers, women's imaging radiologist with Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center. "You can pretty much be in and out in 20 minutes," says Rogers, whose downtown location makes hers a perfect screening place for Denver's busy working women. Today's digital mammography, which presents easierto-read, instant images for the technologist, makes the screening process faster. And the short time spent could make a life-altering difference, as early detection can lead to higher survival rates and better treatment options, Rogers says. Screening mammograms are also covered with no co-pay under the Affordable Care Act. Patients have access to a number of HealthONE and partnering Invision Sally Jobe sites, including: Rose Breast Center, Denver Centennial Medical Plaza, Centennial North Suburban Medical Center, Thornton Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, Denver The Medical Center of Aurora, Aurora Sky Ridge Medical Center: Invision Sally Jobe sites Swedish Medical Center: Invision Sally Jobe sites Are you or a loved one in need of a doctor? We're here to help. A HealthONE representative can answer your questions and help you find the right physician, close to home. Call us today 303.575.0055 Health and Wellness Magazine • 37

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