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Volume 29 | November 2013

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Feature 2 Data Center/IT Year in Review by Jeffrey R Clark, Ph.D. As in previous years, 2013 saw a mixture of trends and hype in the data center and IT industry, with software-defined networking, big data and the cloud among the hottest topics. The confluence of a number of technological, societal and economic factors, however, are pushing the industry toward various turning points that could materialize over the next few years. Data center trends 10 The Top 5 Technologies Transforming Today's Data Center by Sudhir Verma The way that data center solutions are designed today finally allows us to do more with less, and even gain the benefits faster. Technology has finally evolved to fulfill the promise it made. Here, we take a closer look at the five technologies that are leading the transformation of today's data center. 14 2014 Data Centers: "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"* ITops 22 New Data Center 'Big Data' Realties Demand New IT Analytics Approach by Sasha Gilenson Today's data center IT Management tools are overwhelmed by the amount of data that needs to be kept track of, overcome by the volume, velocity and variety of data, produced in continuously expanding data centers. These tools present lots of raw data, but they lack sufficient insight into the actual meaning buried in all that data. This makes today's data center management a "big data" problem that requires a new, more comprehensive approach exemplified in the emergence of IT Operations Analytics. by Jeff S. Klaus oped 6 Sunday Morning Server: The Data Center Industry's Year Under Scrutiny by David Fiedler, PE On September 23, 2012, New York Times' readership woke up to a colorful piece entitled "Power, Pollution and the Internet" (http://goo. gl/TSqizY). The article, written by James Glanz, seemed to focus on these high security monoliths called "data centers". The overall tone of the article argued more or less that these data centers in their current state are wasteful, are ecological drains, and have the track records of fines and violations to prove it. The article was rife with quotations and snippets from the most well known figures in the industry and references to the largest operations nationwide. Summer has ended, and 2013 is almost over. This is a great time to look ahead to the coming year, especially in the data center where predicting future requirements can sometimes seem more like an art than a science. Fortunately, industry trend data can help answer some important questions. What insights can we extract from the numbers? What data center trends loom large? And what will be the biggest IT disruptors? design corner 26 IT and the Economy by Jeffrey R Clark, Ph.D. 18 The cost of real estate – ways by which to reduce the data center footprint IT and data centers are relatively strong in the U.S. compared with other markets, such as manufacturing. Despite growing demand for services, however, the industry cannot escape the implications of the broader economy. by Cheri Beranek Datacom service providers are faced with many choices. Do they put in the safe and generally accepted infrastructures-- but then worry about the costs and timing of future upgrades? Or, should they put in the cutting edge technologies and deal with the costs and challenges of being an early adopter? Or, do they do something in between? All rights reserved. No portion of DATA CENTER Journal may be reproduced without written permission from the Executive Editor. The management of DATA CENTER Journal is not responsible for opinions expressed by its writers or editors. We assume that all rights in communications sent to our editorial staff are unconditionally assigned for publication. All submissions are subject to unrestricted right to edit and/ or to comment editorially. ITbusiness 28 VENDOR INDEX AN EDM2R ENTERPRISES, INC. PUBLICATION ALPHARETTA, GA 30022 PHONE: 678-762-9366 FAX: 866-708-3068 | WWW.DATACENTERJOURNAL.COM DESIGN : NEATWORKS, INC., JOHNS CREEK GA 30022 TEL: 678-392-2992 | WWW.NEATWORKSINC.COM THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 1

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