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Volume 29 | November 2013

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data center trends Top 5 The Technologies Transforming Today's Data Center A transformation of today's data centers is being driven by changes in the way we do business and the way we run our organizations. Doing more with less has never been so critical for the survival of the company. Information technology budgets are not only flat but they are even declining in recent years. Solutions are not about just about maintaining operations using fewer resources. The continuously, exponentially expanding amount of data requires more from IT organizations than ever before in order to meet the demands of today's businesses. Today's increasingly dynamic business demands require access to data that is reliable, fast, cost effective, and secure. As IT budgets continue to be driven by these demands, cutting the costs of energy consumption in data centers and reducing floor space is quickly becoming a top priority among CIOs. But the reality is that today's data centers consume more power and require more cooling than ever before. IT organizations are being challenged to keep up. 10 | THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL by Sudhir Verma One of the biggest challenges that almost every IT organization faces today is that their infrastructure is far too complex and rigid. The traditional IT infrastructure, including server, storage, and networking, and the associated teams continue to act in silos, separated from one another. With this type of set-up, it is too expensive and takes too long to deploy a new service or effectively scale an existing one. For IT to scale the size of an existing environment is a massive undertaking. Typically, a large majority of an IT organization's budget and resources is spent just running the data center. An organization's ability to retrofit or expand the physical space available for their data centers is quite challenging, and not exactly cost effective. Without the ability to dynamically control and redirect power and cooling, an IT and facilities budget can easily be eaten up. Data center provisioning, operations to meet ever-changing end-user requirements, and the ability to scale up or down to meet business needs—all while maintaining the same level of resources--are crucial to success in today's business environment. This whole notion of doing more with less is not new in and of itself; it has always been there. But today, it is more real than ever before. It has become the new standard, and it is here to stay. What's happening now is that technology is catching up to this standard. The way that data center solutions are designed today finally allows us to do more with less, and even gain the benefits faster. Technology has finally evolved to fulfill the promise it made. Here, we take a closer look at the five technologies that are leading the transformation of today's data center. 1. The Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) For starters, it's time for facilities and IT to come together for a bigger cause! Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) can help organizations become more efficient with energy, operations, and capital. DCIM is all about getting the IT infrastructure layer and the physical infrastructure layer to operate as one. It's essentially

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