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Abby Favorites 's Supplements Vitamineral Earth™ v 3.3 17.65oz -- $47.99 Earth™ Sacred Healing Food is made with essiac herbs, flax, chia and slippery elm. It soothes the colon, supports blood sugar, detoxification, immune system and longevity. Earth™ can be used on its own and is also the perfect counterbalance to any green super-food. Grenera Raw Moringa 15.5 oz -- $39.99 Moringa is a vegetable tree that is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and healthy proteins. Moringa leaf powder is one of the richest sources of natural iron and calcium, and is considered a multivitamin supplement. The powder made from fresh Moringa leaves provides a long-lasting energy boost when used regularly. Gluten-free, Vegan and non-GMO. Also available in capsules. Irwin Naturals Immuno-Shield All Season Wellness 100 softgels $15.99 Immuno-Shield™ All Season Wellness delivers select ingredients to support your body's natural defense mechanisms. It provides broad-based support for the immune system and helps nourish the body to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness, no matter what time of year. Health & Beauty Grocery NOW XyliWhite Toothpaste Gel 6.4oz $3.69 Bee Free Vegan Apple Honee 12oz -- $5.99 All natural, plant-based "honey" is great for vegans and foodies alike. Made from apples, this delicious honey alternative can be used in coffee, tea, granola, BBQ sauce, cakes, breads and anything else you would use honey in. XyliWhite is a remarkable fluoride-free toothpaste gel that use natural xylitol as its main ingredient. It is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, uses vegetarian ingredients, gives you whiter, stronger teeth and leaves you with a clean, fresh mint taste. Alaffia Handcrafted Shea Butter 2 fl oz jar $8.29 Shea butter has been a staple of African skin care for millennia. Receive the full moisturizing and protective benefits of its unique fatty acid profile and Vitamins A and E with our traditionally handcrafted, unrefined shea butter. Unscented for sensitive skin; for all skin types. Madhava Organic Coffee Syrup 9.9oz -- $4.99 Made with our own organic agave, delicious all-natural, low glycemic coffee syrup. We keep it clean; nothing artificial here. Available in three amazing flavors: Salted Caramel, Fancy Hazelnut and Ooh-la-la Vanilla. King Bio Skin Tag Remover 0.5 fl oz $11.79 This all-natural, homeopathic remedy is great for the removal of skin tags. With it's brush-on applicator this treatment is easy to use and safe for all skin types. Safe, gentle, painless and does not scar. Go Macro Macrobar Protein Pleasure 2.5 oz -- $2.59 No salt, no refined sugar, no weird ingredients. Add in our newest plant-based protein blend from sprouted brown rice and peas and you end up with 12 grams of organic protein to get you up and running. And let's not kid ourselves, we know what the best part is – those, organic, fair trade chocolate chips. Vegan and non-GMO. Page 18 | Abby's Magazine - 24

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