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What Can I do to Support and Maintain a Healthy Immune System? • Provide support for the physical barriers in your body. • Support a healthy digestive process. In particular, the acidic environment provided in your stomach and the presence of digestive enzymes can destroy some bacteria and viruses that you ingest in food, and therefore, provides protection for your body. • Consume adequate protein and healthy fats. • functions. Clinical studies have shown that maintaining a healthy balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is one way to support balance in your immune and of omega-3 to omega-6 fats of 1:4 is health promoting. • Provide micronutrients and phytonutrients that support healthy immune function. • Decrease intake of allergens and toxins. Eating whole grains, fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables, A few years ago my oldest son developed seasonal allergies. He was six at the time. We did not know what they were, just that twice a year he was a mess. He had been allergic to dairy and gluten as an infant, and it affected his stomach, but now there was something in the air that caused his eyes to get red, itchy and sore, and his nose to be stuffy and discharge. My husband and I have been in the natural industry for many years, and tried several things, some childrens formulas and some adults (my children are used to us giving them pretty much anything, good tasting or bad). I opened capsules and put the contents in applesauce or juice. He was really suffering. His allergies kept him inside, and unable to play sports or go to the park or for a bike ride etc... which was a daily thing around our house. My husband had had a training on Moducare, and suggested we give it a try. He had recommended it to several customers of Abby's, and Abby herself had many testimonies of its success. So we tried it, 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 at night. The results were quick and remarkable! Within a couple of days his eyes and head cleared up. He could be as active outside as he wanted. We continued with that regimen in season, and out of season we give him 2 in the morning to help modulate his immune system. When I start to see the yellow on my car (indicating high pollen), I increase the amount and he has not had the itchy red eyes or stuffy nose. If I miss the visual pollen on my car and see him begin to get stuffy I immediately double the dosage. Moducare makes a chewable tablet for kids that tastes good, so he likes to take them, and he reminds me if I forget! They have capsules for adults and older children and a new allergy formula that we will switch to when he can swallow the capsule. I am a firm believer that Moducare works. I have seen it! I recommend it to all my friends for themselves and for their children who suffer from allergies. meat and eggs from organically raised animals is one way to minimize the intake of toxins and unhealthy molecules that can inhibit your immune system's ability to protect your health. Thanks to Moducare, we can enjoy our bike rides and time at the park as a family. Trudy Karydis • Maintain healthy weight and cholesterol levels. Basing your diet on nutrient-dense foods, one way to decrease calorie consumption while consuming optimal levels of micronutrients and immune-supporting phytonutrients. Manufactured by: Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd. 23501 Madero, Mission Viejo, CA 92691-‐2744 • USA 949.855.2776 • 800.421.2998 • Fax 949.458.2764 Abby's Magazine - November / December 2013 | Page 23

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