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IMPORTANCE OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - - and the body become malnourished. Once the body does not receive the nutrients needed it your physical, mental, emotional health and of course the immune system, nervous system, hor- monal disruption and many other processes will become unbalanced. 20 days or so of life plays a crucial role in appro- priate maturation of your baby's immune system. are left with compromised immune systems and - particularly if they are vaccinated before restor- The means by which one nerve cell communicates The body has many sys- tems in which to protect chemicals neu- - intestinal system is the most - latory neurotransmitters outside of the brain. The neuroendocrine system, hormonal and nervous systems work in harmony and participate in the role in particular has millions of - isms that take up residency - of harmful microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and bacteria are vital for a - cause they increase the "Natural Killer" immune cells. Probiotics also form a sorbed in the intestines. called health. An important neu- chemical secreted by the - - Our far east ancestors as well as ayurvedic medi- - - we are, how youthful we look, a healthy mental disposition and how happy we are inside. Unfor- tunately in the United States we are not raised - - people have diabetes and these numbers are brain development and subsequent behavior. Page 14 | Abby's Magazine - -

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