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"FORE" MORE FLEXIBILITY A recent reader's poll from Golf Fitness Magazine tells us the number one issue facing golfers is lack of flexibility. Typically when I work with my students, flexibility is the first line of attack. I want my golfers to get flexible, then I work on stability or strength and then we incorporate speed based exercises. When I stretch my clients, I like to work the body from the larger muscle groups and core to the smaller muscle groups, incorporating dynamic movements. This method raises the body's temperature and increases the heart rate. Additionally, my program called The Roberts Flex-Fit Method (RFFM) is designed to bring more balance to the body. We stretch and strengthen the muscles of the front body as well as the muscles of the back body. Guidelines for Success
 • Practice the dynamic stretches three to four days a week and the restorative / passive stretches at night three days a week. • Breathe deeply, in and out of the nose. • Never, never "bounce" in a stretch. Move your body to the "edge", meaning to the point that you feel slight discomfort. You should never feel pain while stretching. • Keep this series handy so you can keep track of your program. Let's get started with stretches for the quads, hamstrings and glutes.

 By: Katherine Roberts, Yoga for Golfers Founder and heels close to your glutes. Inhale as you press your navel towards your spine, activate your glutes and lift your hips off the floor. Focus in "articulating" the movement from your low back and lifting from the base of your spine to the upper back. As you lower your body towards the floor, bring the upper back down first, followed by your mid-back and low back. Repeat ten times. Standing Glute Stretch With Golf Club Place your right ankle over your left knee. Support your balance by using a golf club. Bend your left knee and "sit down" as you bring your chest towards your shin. Hold for five breaths, repeat three times and switch sides. Standing Quad Stretch
 Place your strap in your left hand and around the top of your left foot. Place your right hand on the back of a chair or a golf club. Note: This is a great stretch for the course when you feel you are getting tight in the hips or quads. Inhale deeply and on your exhale engage your left glute, pressing your left hip forward. Note: try to create space between your glute and your heel. Repeat five times and switch sides. Articulating Bridge
 We call this exercise "articulating bridge" because you articulate each segment of your spine independently. This is essential for creating more flexibility in the spine and supports more movement in the lumbar spine and hips, helping you generate more power through the hips. Supine Hamstring Stretch With Spinal Rotation
 Begin on your back and place the strap around your right foot. Extend your right leg towards the ceiling while your left leg extends towards the floor. Flex both quads and flex the feet towards you. Hold for five breaths. Extend your right leg to the right, keeping your left hip/glute connected to the floor. Hold for five more breaths. Begin on your back, feet placed hip width apart Place the strap in your left hand, placing your right Page 10 | Abby's Magazine -

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