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Nerve Health A healthy and normal functioning nervous system is something that many of us take for granted. We move our hands when we need to, without thinking about it; we feel sensations, such as hot and cold, and don't think twice about it. When the nervous system is functioning normally, electrical signals are running to and from the brain, facilitating our sense of touch and movements. But what happens when that matrix of communication is not running so smoothly? Imagine having the constant feeling of pins and needles in your feet, or the sense that something is burning in your legs; or even a sensation of pain in your feet that makes it difficult to walk. These are the things that can happen when there is a miscommunication between the nerves in the body and the brain. While all of us need to be concerned about the health of our nervous systems, there are certain segments of the population that need to pay extra attention and these groups include: diabetics, people at risk of B vitamin deficiencies, those recovering from physical trauma, and people who use certain prescription drugs, like statins. Thankfully, the right combination of vitamins, amino acids and herbs can offer benefits to the nervous system and the underlying body systems that support it. Nerve Shield is a combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients that target the health of the peripheral nervous system. These nutrients support normal communication between the brain and the nerves by: 1) Promoting the overall integrity of the nerve structure; both the myelin sheath and the nerve fibers 2) Providing powerful and comprehensive antioxidant support 3) Promoting a healthy inflammatory response 4) Promoting healthy circulation Page 8 | Abby's Magazine -

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