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Autumn/Winter 2010

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To the Heart of the Matter A A MASSAGE EXPERIENCE By Mari Gayatri Stein ll beings want to be happy and secure. All beings want to be free of pain and suffering. But how do we attain this ideal, earthly goal? Massage goes right to the heart of the matter. It can elevate us without alienating us from reality. Through massage, we can reach beyond the affliction of our mortality and embrace our impermanence. I have found massage to be a great equalizer. With the skillful touch of a savvy massage therapist, I am able to be in my body so completely that the sense of solidity actually dissolves. I become a channel of pure energy. After all, science has demonstrated that we are a unified force of vibrating cellular and atomic activity. When I immerse myself in the dominion of touch, time stands still, suffering is alleviated, and impermanence reveals itself to be a source of liberation, rather than a specter. It may take time to surrender my physical resistance, but I always approach the massage table with willingness and joyful expectation. Little by little, the trapped energy in my tense muscles is released. As the massage therapist kneads the knots out of my arms, irons out the creases on my forehead, pulverizes the pebbles in my tired feet and toes, and rubs away the kinks in my back, thighs, and calves, I feel a surge of well-being. autumn/winter 2010 Body Sense 29

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