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Autumn/Winter 2010

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...Because Driving is the # 1 Cause of Back Pain & Distorted Posture! ™ YogaBack • Herniated Lumbar Disc • Low Back Pain • Sacroiliac Pain • Mid-Back Pain • Upper Back/Neck Pain • Headaches • Round Back Posture • Round Shoulders • Forward Head Posture • Impaired Diaphragmatic Breathing • Loss of Lower Abdominal Muscle Tone • Loss of Pelvic Floor Muscle Tone Typical slumped, round back driving posture Forget about Lumbar Support... “YogaBack Your Posture” YogaBack’s Scientific Dual Back Support System Lower Thoracic Support • Elevates & stabilizes rib cage • Elongates spine • Promotes proper diaphragmatic breathing • Reduces stress to neck and upper back Sacral Support • Stabilizes pelvis & sacroiliac joints • Facilitates activation of the deep lower abdominals and pelvic floor muscles • Reduces stress to lower back from road shock and vibration Experience YogaBack’s Other Benefits... • YogaBack Your Office Chair* for Pain-Free Computing. * Chair backrest must extend all the way down to seat, with no open space. • YogaBack Your Airplane Seat to Relieve the Pain and Fatigue of Traveling. • YogaBack is the Most Effective Posture Therapy in Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment. “YogaBack Your Posture” Everywhere! Save on Your Health Care Costs... “YogaBack Your Posture” © 2009 The YogaBack Company • Patent Pending ™ ™ Call Toll Free: 1-800-SITTING 1-800-748-8464 YogaBack’s Healthy Posture Drives Away Your Pain! ™ Distorted driving posture with lumbar support

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