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Volume 1 | Summer 2013

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3 Recycling Services at Your Fingertips The EPS Industry Alliance has developed a new resource to assist those seeking to recycle expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging. An interactive EPS Reuse and Recycling Map powered by Google, allows consumers and businesses to locate a facility to recycle of their EPS packaging quickly and simply. The EPS Industry Alliance has developed several new tools to help consumers locate local EPS collection centers. Loose fill reuse centers have been provided with business card inserts displaying a QR code that when scanned with a smart phone or tablet will direct to the EPS Reuse and Recycling Google map. These cards can be easily reproduced and included in packages that contain EPS loose fill. Participating businesses will be clearly labeled as loose fill drop-off locations by a newly designed, eye-catching window sticker. The EPS Reuse and Recycling Map was designed to be intuitive and comprehensive. For quick distinction, loose fill drop-off centers are displayed with a red icon and locations that handle other EPS packaging are blue. Locations can be filtered by zip code as well as by the type of EPS packaging the facility handles. With over 1,050 EPS drop-off locations nationwide, users can access recycling information in just one or two clicks. For more than 20 years, the EPS Industry Alliance has provided consumers with information to help them dispose of EPS packaging in an environmentally beneficial manner. To date, the efforts of EPS-IA have helped over a million people, diverting an excess of 20 million pounds of EPS packaging from landfills every year. The EPS Industry Alliance strives to promote growth in EPS reuse and recycling by increasing the number of available drop-off locations and pioneering new and creative resources. n THE CUTTING EDGE – Straight Talk Betsy Steiner Executive Director It is often difficult to distinguish between hype and reality, especially regarding environmental issues. We hear about how going green will save the earth and mankind. In an effort to understand just what "going green" really means, we've featured an article on the City of Baltimore that doesn't just stop with the easy stuff – they offer up a commendable example on environmental and community achievement. For more on EPS foam recycling please read about our Loosefill Reuse Program and discover how easy it is to recycle your packing peanuts. To get some real insight on EPS sustainability see our Q&A session with a prominent packaging engineer. The article on EPS foam insulation flame retardants presents the facts on a complex issue and provides clear information on the hype surrounding this intricate issue. Our guest authors from UL and Intertek provide detailed coverage on their new evaluation service that promises expedited turnaround time to streamline market acceptance and provide assurance that building products meet rigorous building code requirements. Also, check out how EPS is solving a variety of problems – from cold chain shipping to protection and comfort in vehicles. n

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