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career path: employer steps to becoming an employer As many thousands of people can attest, it is entirely possible to have a successful and gratifying career in bodywork without ever hiring a single employee. Even so, there comes a time when the advantages (and disadvantages) of hiring one or more employees must be evaluated. One of the most compelling reasons to become an employer is to make better use of your time. Use a day planner to keep track of how much of your time is spent taking care of nonincome producing activities. Office management, telephone time, housekeeping, bookkeeping, and laundry are all necessary tasks, but which don't contribute any extra income to your practice—and may not give you much career satisfaction, either. Of course, hiring is just one of several options available to you. In the case of administrative and other professional services related to your business, the duties you need performed may best be handled by independent contractors. Another positive reason to consider hiring an employee is that your practice has grown—or has potential to grow—beyond your ability to handle all of the clients. If you have found the right combination of services, location, ambiance, and customer base, you have built a business that might be very attractive to other practitioners. Once again, hiring is only one of several options available to you, including becoming partners, independent contracting, or remaining financially separate but leasing or sharing space. Interviewing If you do decide to hire an employee, these tips from Bruce Dingman, president of Robert W. Dingman Co. and a member of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, prove helpful: • Always check references. • on't hire someone just because D he or she is handy, or because it's the easy thing to do. • ake personality into consideration. T How will you mesh with this person? How will this person be accepted by your clients? • on't be too quick to hire. Don't D let pressure to fill the job quickly cause you to make mistakes. • ave several options to choose H from, then select the best one.

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