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marketing and advertising create a marketing plan By Daryl Kulak A marketing plan is part of your business plan. Marketing is the process of getting your name out there and establishing trust with potential clients. It is probably the most complex part of starting a new business. A frequent question about marketing is "How much time do I need to spend marketing?" The short answer is "The more, the better." However, the long answer varies depending on the phase of your business. If you have a wellestablished business with regular clientele, you can spend as little as four hours a week making sure new clients keep coming in. If you are in the start-up phase (the first year or two) you'll want to spend much more time, probably every hour of the workday when you don't have an appointment. Does marketing always pay off? No, it doesn't. There are two tricky parts about marketing. The first is the trust factor. If the type of marketing you do does not establish a level of trust with potential clients, it is worthless. We'll talk more about that later in this article. The second is consistency. Outline the problem you solve and who you solve it for in your marketing efforts. Then stick to it. Shifting your message around doesn't work. Think of marketing as water splashing against a rock. If you splash water

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