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ASK Abby Abby  offers  Free  Consultations  -  Please  call  (813)  996-6999     Monday  -  Friday  from  10  am  -  Noon  to  make  your  appointment I   have   white   coat   hypertension.   At   My  20-year-old  son  is  having  a  terrible   I   have   bone   spurs   on   the   back   of   my   home   each   morning   I   test   my   blood   year   with   allergies.   He   has   a   runny   heel  and  they  are  pressing  up  against   pressure   and   it   varies   from   120/70   to   nose,  itchy  eyes,  cough  –  and  they  are   a   nerve.   What   do   you   recommend   as   severe  and  constant.  I  didn't  want  him   an  alternative  solution  to  remove  them   from   140/85   to   160/90.   I   have   even   to   get   a   prescription   medication   but   other  than  surgery?  -  Chad brought   my   home   cuff   to   the   doctor's   yesterday   he   had   to.   He   could   barely   open   his   eyes   they   were   so   swollen   Dear  Chad, -  Charles and  sore.  His  doctor  gave  him  a  nasal   If   you   live   in   the   area   there   is   a   spray.   When   I   read   the   side   effects,   I   podiatrist  who  injects  vitamins  right   Dear  Charles, want  a  natural  alternative.  Any  help  you   into   the   neuroma   (after   giving   you   I  believe  that  your  blood  pressure  at   can  give  would  be  appreciated.     home  is  your  "true"  blood  pressure   -  Tammy and   you   should   not   be   concerned   about   the   higher   pressure   in   your   pressure   log,   morning   and   night                Abby   may   want   to   take   a   stress   reducer   Allergies",   Mega   Quercetin   on   an   I  just  ordered  a  second  bottle  of  "Liver   empty   stomach   upon   waking   and   Chi"   for   my   teenage   son   who   had   his   gallbladder   removed.   The   white   of   his   Moducare-three   with   quercetin   eyes  are  yellow.  Is  there  anything  else   every   15-20   minutes   while   waiting   to  help?    -  Grace for   your   appointment   will   probably   sinuses   using   a   Nasaline   syringe   with  saline  in  the  morning  and  before   Dear  Grace,     One   or   two   after   each   meal   for   2   or   more   bottles   will   clear   bile   duct                Abby                  Abby   I  am  a  57-year-old  woman  and  I  take  a   the   morning   and   3   at   bedtime   until   strontium  capsule  every  morning.  Should   I  also  be  taking  calcium?  Which  kind  and   I   have   a   little   bit   of   yellowing   on   my   when?  -  Ann                  Abby big  toes  only  and  I  do  not  want  to  take     system-wide   pharmaceuticals   to   treat   Dear  Ann, Do you have a question for Abby? My  protocol  for  osteoporosis  includes   it.  Research  indicates  this  is  a  common   Send your inquires to: fungus.  What  do  you  suggest?    -  Harry Dear  Harry, addition,   have   your   blood   level   of   Nail   fungus   is   not   in   my   opinion   a   Vitamin   D3   checked   as   D3   helps   Candida  is  the  fungus  that  likes  dark,   Most  of  your  fungus  is  internal  and   or   testosterone   can   impede   bone   but   the   fungus   will   return   if   you   do   stress  levels  down  and  eating  lots  of   organic  greens  and  exercise  will  help                    Abby              Abby Did You Know? Abby's opened in 1997 with three employees. Abby's currently employs 50+ awesome people. Abby's is dedicated to supporting local independent farmers and other health organizations. Abby's does not support products that contain Genetically Engineered Foods, hormones, antibiotics, Abby's Magazine - July/August 2013 | Page 5 Abby's Magazine - July/August 2013 |Page 5

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