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at  a  cellular  level,  jump-‐start  your  bodies  fat-‐burning  furnace  and   providing   muscle   with   high   quality   protein   to   burn   fat.   It   does   all   our  blood  is  being  pumped  to  our  muscles  for  us  to  run.    These   are  just  a  few  of  the  symptoms  that  can  occur  when  we  are  in  a   also  been  shown  to  store  belly  fat  and  increase  cravings.    Do  you   crave  sugar  or  salt  when  you're  stressed? why   they   are   dis-‐regulated.   Toxins,   stress,   poor   dietary   choices,   responsible  for  fat  burning   I   developed   my   detox   system,   not   only   for   thousands   of   my   clients,   years   of   struggling   with   my   own   health   issues,   I   realized   no   one   had   put   together   every   piece   of   6902 West Linebaugh Ave Tampa Fl 33626 w: e: p: 813-475-6472 system  covers  every  component  necessary  to  get  results:  detoxing   Abby's Magazine - July/August 2013 | Page 15

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