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22 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #55 LAW OFFICES Statewide www.SharkSquadMotorcycleAttorneys.com 800-319-3573 Proudly supporting our military, 24/7 Free MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS Hollywood Dave: What happens when road condi ons cause a crash? Rob the shark: Love that ques on Dave, you know we always have to prove who's at fault and we got to show that somebody was negligent. What caused that road condi on to be dangerous? Was it the rain from the night before. Was it the county workers that forgot to cover it? That's our job, that's where we step in to iden fy and find out what was wrong with that road condi on, how did it become dangerous? So once we are able to iden fy the party at fault, we then put our game plan together and rest assured, if that party was responsible for that road condi on and you go down as a result of it and get injured, we are going to be going a er them very simple. Hollywood Dave: That's good to know thanks' Rob. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: In an accident what happens to my bike? Rob the shark: As soon as you go down, and God forbid you do but it happens to all of us… when you go down, the officers will call a tow company. It's not like you can call AAA and have the bike taken to where you want it to go. The city is going to pick up the bike and take it to one of their tow yards where it's going to incur $70, $80 some mes $90 a day in storage fees, every single day that it is si ng there. So while you're at the hospital trying to figure out what's going on with yourself and your injuries, you start thinking about your bike. A week goes by and you s ll don't know what's going on; in the mean me the bike is incurring costs, now somewhere around $800 to $900 in one week of storage - maybe more maybe a bit less – and you have to come up with that money to get it out. As you're looking for that money to get your bike out of storage that bill con nues to go up. Before you know it 10 days go by and you get a no ce of lien and if you don't take care of it, your bike is sold on that lien to pay for the storage fees. So while you're at the hospital taking care of yourself we take the burden off of you. We contact CHP or the appropriate police department, we find out where the bike is at and we make sure it's out of there as soon as possible so that it's brought either to your home or a shop of your choice where the owners are not going to charge you for impound fees or storage fees. We understand that we've got to take care of you but we know your bike is just as important to you, and it's also important to us. Hollywood Dave: That's good to know. This bike is important to me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: As your clients, do we have to find our own doctors? Rob the shark: You don't have to find your own doctor. Of course if you have a doctor you prefer to go to, go for it, but that's our job. Our job is to coordinate your medical treatment. We want to make sure you are ge ng the right care SHARK BITES and we want to make sure the right doctors are being appointed to you. One it's all about your health but at the same me we need to prove up your case. We need to show the insurance companies what are the injuries as certain type of injuries will award a certain amount for damages. That's our job. We are going to set you up with the best doctors in the business that are going to look at you from head to toe. Get the MRI's and the x-rays examina ons done. Whatever is needed will be catered to you. Again, we want you to be healthy at the end of the day and at the same me we want to present a strong case for damages. Hollywood Dave: Thanks Rob, glad you're handling everything. ------------------------------------------------------------ Hollywood Dave: What if I don't have medical insurance? Rob the shark: Don't worry about that, that's what we're here for. You don't have to have medical coverage when you have the right a orney who cares about you. He is going to set you up with the right doctors. If your leg is broken you will see the orthopedic doctor that's going to help you with that. If you have a concussion or you're having headaches and stomach ache we'll set you up with a neurologist who's going to take care of you. If you have a really bad case of road rash and will need plas c surgery, we will set you up with the best plas c surgeons out there. So don't worry about whether or not you have health insurance. Of course it's a good thing to have before the accident, but if you don't have it you give us a call. We'll handle your case, set you up with the right doctors and work towards victory. Hollywood Dave: Glad you're there for all of us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, where do you have offices? Rob the shark: You know Dave in this day and age we're going to come to you. If you're in a hospital bed, you think we're going to tell you to come visit us? No, it's not about us it's about you. We're going to come to see you. We have several offices in southern California but if you're in San Francisco and you're in the hospital, I will hop on a plane or I'll get on my bike and I will be there in no me, so you don't have to worry about being somewhere physically. Those are the old days. Plus we're not your typical stuffy firm. We're not going to tell you to make an appointment, to come and talk with us… You're in that bed and I'm going to personally - me Rob the Shark - I will personally come out to you, meet with you and your family, sit by your bedside and make sure you get what you need both on the medical end as well as the legal end. Hollywood Dave: Wow, you make it so convenient. by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys SHARK BITES Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side. Call us: Office: 800-319-3573 Cell: 818-439-9137 www.SharkSquadMotorcycleA orneys.com 22 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #55

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