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18 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #55 Motorcycles are known to be much more dangerous to drive than other vehicles because, unlike cars or trucks, they are only on two wheels which can cause a lot of instability, and there are no protec ve barriers that can protect motorcyclists from being thrown off of the motorcycle in case of an accident. Nonetheless, there are s ll millions of motorcyclists on the road. Motorcycle accidents are high in number and the chances of being gravely injured when riding a motorcycle a er ge ng involved in an accident are high. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Drunk Drivers Even though it is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, some people s ll take this unnecessary risk and cause a lot of problems for themselves as well as others on the road. One very common cause of motorcycle accidents is drunk driving. Either the motorcyclist themselves could be drunk which will cause them to lose control of the motorcycle and ul mately lead to an accident, or the driver of another vehicle could be drunk which makes them unable to focus on driving and they may collide with a motorcycle while on the road. Speeding Speeding is another way that motorcycle accidents occur. Motorcyclists could be using a sports- or speed-motorcycle which is more suited for racetracks. These types of vehicles are lightweight and are more likely to become unstable if the person driving them is speeding. If another driver on the road Causes of Motorcycle Accidents Every Rider Should Know Wri en by Legal Desire is speeding, especially on a dark road, and is not able to see a motorcycle in front of them, they could collide, which might not cause much damage to the driver's vehicle but could be extremely deadly for the motorcyclist and their bike. Lane Changes Changing lanes can be dangerous if not done properly. If a motorcycle is in a car's blind spot and the car is changing lanes, an accident can occur. If a motorcyclist is lane-spli ng in a crowded part of the road, then this limits their ability to maneuver their vehicle away from nearby cars to avoid an accident. Lane spli ng is not necessarily illegal in all states. But in the states that it is not allowed, if a motorcyclist is involved in such an accident, then it is best to call a lawyer who is familiar with the state's laws. This will ensure you know your rights and whether you are going to be able to get any compensa on for any injuries sustained because of the accident you were in. Road Conditions If a road is full of potholes or has obstacles that may seem inconsequen al for cars, this may not be the case for motorbikes. Such road issues could cause the vehicle to become unstable and for the rider to be thrown off, which could cause severe injuries. If the rider tries avoiding these obstacles by swerving suddenly they can collide with another vehicle on the road. 18 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #55

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