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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 3 | 15 Your Beau ful motorcycle can become a whole new DREAM RIDE with the added safety and utility of this deluxe hand crafted RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit. This modern style kit comes complete with a confidence-inspiring relaxed ride and so many standard impressive features. You'll find yourself riding so much more o en and taking longer road trips because you'll use much less of your physical energy. This smooth ride is the result of incorpora ng the latest innova ve SIDECAR technology into the RICHLAND ROADSTER trike suspension... which means each side has independent suspension, as if you had le side and right side mounted sidecars. A simpler way to understand is, that if you run up on a curb or uneven pavement all wheels will remain on the ground. It starts with a forward mounted torsion bar located under the front controls, and a mid-mounted torsion bar located in the center stand sec on. Combined with eight Patented High Performance Energy Suppression Bushings in conjunc on with forward mounted torsion bars, you'll find the road fla ening to achieve this kind of smooth responsive experience. IF YOU RIDE UP A CURB ALL WHEELS WILL REMAIN ON THE GROUND The RICHLAND ROADSTER comes standard with 15 inch 40,000 mile automo ve res and custom five spoke polished aluminum wheels at no extra charge. It also comes complete with a ligh ng system that features LED lights including brake lights, running DON'T GIVE UP RIDING lights, turn signals, and fender recess mounted head lights, and also with a wiring harness that plugs quickly into your bike's electrical system allowing for greater visibility and safety on the road. Remember, LED lights use the least amount of energy so your bike's factory electrical system should be more than sufficient. And with LED lights, everybody will be able to see you coming and going that much be er. The Automo ve quality base coat / clear coat, two stage paint is color matched. Even the two toned paint is matched to your factory color with a color chip, so it will seem like a factory installa on on your bike and not an incidental add on. It's the matching paint color that gives this RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit the custom look that enhances your bike to its full poten al. You can have it one color or two, primed or bare metal. The best way for us to color match is to have a piece of your bike. We will return it with your kit or on the day of installa on. And the RICHLAND ROADSTER trike and Sidecar kits, quickly detach because it does not alter your bike's factory suspension (unlike some brands that require you to remove and replace your rear axle which leaves an ugly belly pan in place. It reminds me of taking the back cover off a wristwatch when we were kids to see how it worked only to watch the small parts explode all over. If you have ever removed a rear axle you know what I'm talking about . It only takes about 15 minutes to detach the kit by using ONLY $ 3990 00 Men on Wheels Of Grace for FREE Installa on or Shipping By

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