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14 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #55 There can be unexpected twists during a life me of motorcycle riding and unfortunately, a collision or incident might happen that requires legal representa on. It's always be er to have researched a reputable motorcycle lawyer you trust before anything happens. Stress, injuries, and me crunches may make it much harder to get in touch with someone, and your case depends on the correct informa on flow. With this in mind, we've prepared a list of 8 ques ons that you should ask your motorcycle lawyer if you ever get into an accident. Knowing what sorts of situations you might need help in will lead you to the right fit for your legal representation. In a Motorcycle Accident? What to ask your Lawyer: When selec ng a personal injury lawyer, there are many things to consider: their reputa on, if they have a niche or specialty, and how their brand values align with your case. Over 90,000 riders and their passengers suffer injury in nonfatal accidents each year in the United States, and the quality of representa on can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Here are some things you should be asking a motorcycle personal injury lawyer: 1. Do they offer a free evalua on? This ques on needs to be answered before you can move on to any others about your case. Charging for a consulta on is not necessarily indica ve of the integrity or success rate of a law office. However, this will allow you to conserve money and discuss some of the other per nent ques ons without being billed. Personal injury lawyers make the majority of their income from posi ve case outcomes, and charging for a consulta on is not typically the industry standard. 2. Do they specialize in personal injury and motorcycle accidents? Lawyers with niche exper se will win those types of cases more than generic a orneys. Even within the field of personal injury law, it is recommended that you choose someone who specializes in motorcycle accidents. The difference in success rate will be well worth it, and you can feel safer riding knowing your lawyer will be able to answer any ques ons you might have. 3. Do they have riding experience? While riding experience does not contribute to legal pedigree, knowing the nuances of riding dynamics can play a huge role in winning a motorcycle accident case. A good legal background and experience in the field should be your first concern when hiring a lawyer, but real-world experience in the case subject is a huge boost for your representa on. A er all, court cases involve a human element and subjec vity, so someone speaking from experience about a subject will come off as more authen c. 4. How long will my case take to se le? This is a question that may be tough to answer initially, but it's worth asking even for an estimate. All cases are different and rely on unique variables (especially as state laws vary for accident and police reports), but hopefully, your consulting attorney should be able to give you an estimate and commit to getting as close to that time-frame as possible. If they are vague or tell you that there is no way to know', it isn't a red flag, but they may have experience in similar cases to help you structure your expectations. 5. How o en do they go to trial? Nearly 90% of cases end up settling, as a trial, its likelihood of success, and the time involved can be a huge risk. There is no guarantee of settlement, but hopefully, you should get the 1-800-LawTigers LawTigers.com settlement that it is likely. However, you and your lawyer should always prepare as though the case will go to trial even if a settlement does seem likely. This way, you will be prepared for evidence, statements, and controlling the narrative. 6. What legal organiza ons does that law firm belong to? If you are consul ng with a personal injury lawyer, it can be helpful to hear what state bar or na onal associa ons devoted to personal injury law they belong to. The more up-to-date the firm and its lawyers are, the be er chance they will resolve your case with a posi ve result. As always, the quality of a lawyer isn't necessarily dependent on these, but they are helpful indicators. 7. Who is handling your case? Some legal practices may have their senior partners present for a consultation or be the face of taking cases before passing them off to a junior partner. Even if the level of representation is not different, you might want to be able to develop a rapport with the lawyer you will be working with and understand their role in the firm. Make sure to clear this up beforehand, as it will make your preparation and process easier. 8. What am I expected to do in this case? No case is the same, and your motorcycle injury lawyer should have a specific plan for yours. This may mean you don't have to be involved should it be cut and dry or if there is a settlement, but this is not guaranteed. Additionally, you may not want to or be able to be present for all components of the process. We often see that it is quickest and easiest for you to get medical records to provide for a firm, but try to clarify what they are looking for you to do. Make sure that you and your motorcycle attorney have a concrete plan for each part of the case. In addi on to these common ques ons, you should be able to ask your a orney anything that comes to mind and get a straight answer. We know that accidents, finding a lawyer, and preparing for a court case can be stressful, but a good motorcycle a orney should be able to talk you through the en re process before taking your case. Other tips for hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer: • Get mul ple free consulta ons. • Check the size of each prac ce and their se lement history. • Only hire lawyers who work in the specific niche of motorcycle accidents and injuries. • Check if they are connected with other firms for referrals- this is a sign of a quality lawyer. • Ask for a copy of a con ngency fee agreement in advance. In Need of a Lawyer for Your Motorcycle Accident? At Law Tigers, we specialize in motorcycle accident cases for a reason- we're riders just like you. We have dedicated our services to represen ng the community we love, and have decades of experience doing so. We're happy to answer any ques ons you may have during our free consulta on, and look forward to ge ng you the representa on and outcome you deserve. 8 Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Lawyer YOU NEVER RIDE ALONE Law Tigers is not a referral service, but a service mark used to identify a lawyer's membership in the American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers © 2020 Motorcycle Accident? Call 1-800-Law Tigers | LawTigers.com By Law Tigers

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