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Page 4 | Abby's Magazine | In This Issue Mission Statement: Educate, empower and enable you to discover your personal path to preventative medicine and lifelong optimal health! Abby's Magazine EDITORS: Victor Karydis Peter Kaye Karydis DESIGN DIRECTOR: Angela Russo EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Stacy Karydis, Janet Landry, Sarah Franz WRITERS: Natural Factors, Joseph Marcola, Peter Karydis, Enzymedica, Terry Lemerond, Olbas, FDA, Dr. Dan Durrieu, Dr. Marlene Siegel, David Housefield, Erin Fielding, Fyfer Ray Fielding, Solgar Nutrition PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: John White, Natalia Nesterenko, Aristashmita, Olivier LeMoal, Rachen Buosa, Denys Kovtun, Mike Nettleship, Anna Bocharova, Yingko, Victor Josan, Airborne77, Rodica Ciorba, Neirfy, Fotocam, KPixMining, Rob Van Hees, Adrian Ciurea, Lutfi Hanafi, Tamara Kulikova, Maxim Tatarinov, Light Poet, Parichart Thongmee, Oleksandr Panchenko, Nelosa, Inna Felker, Alberto Jorrin Rodriguez, Oleg Shvetsov, Fizkes, VivilWeb, Oksix, Monika Wisniewska, Galina Burgart, Elnur, Pojoslaw, Chris Dorney, Feverpitched, Spettacolare, Larissa Balatskaya, Enaldi, JiggoTheKop, Bulgn, Constantin Stanciu, Brett Critchley, Michele Ursi, Pop Nukoonrat, Benzoix, Veronika Bakos, Ekaterina79, Katarzyna Bialasiewicz DIGITAL EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis WEB DESIGN & HOSTING: Infoswell Media ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITORS Rob Thompson, Lauren Hopkins, Kaylee Thompson Publication: Volume 9 Issue 2 Abby's Mag is published six times a year (every other month) by Abby's HealthFood Inc.: Tel: (760) 793-4463 Via e-mail: Send All Magazine Mail Correspondence: 25344 Wesley Chapel Blvd. Suite 202 Lutz, FL 33559 We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. The health content in Abby's Mag is intended to inform, not prescribe or advise, and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice and care of a qualified health care and/or health nutrition professional. The views and opinions expressed in editorials and advertisements are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Abby's Magazine, Abby's Health Food Inc., and its affiliates. TABLE OF CONTENTS To Volunteer at Abby's Organic Community Farm go to: h ps://www.abbys- DID YOU KNOW ABBY'S SHIPS? You can order your favorite products by calling: 8 1 3 - 2 6 5 - 4 9 5 1 E D I T O R S H E A L T H Y T I P S W E S H O U L D P L A N T VA R I O U S F R U I T T R E E S O N C I T Y S I D E WA L K S S O E V E R Y O N E I N C L U D I N G T H E H O M E L E S S C O U L D E AT A L L Y E A R 3 Looking for Fast-Acting IMMUNE Support? 5 Side Effects of COVID 6 The Truth Will Set You Free 7 Weight Loss & Wellness 8 Forced to Wear a Mask 9 The Safe and Effective Solution for Pain 11 Face Masks Pose Serious Risks 14 OLBAS The Power of Nature – Concentrated 16 Air Travel and Masks 20 Boosting Immunity to Prevent Covid 22 Avoid the Mistake COVID Patients Make 24 NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong 26 Cut Ties with Covid 28 COVID Action Plan for Pets 30. Abby's Farm through COVID 32. Gratitude 34 The Benefits of Zinc 35 Recipes From Our Café

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