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Page 22 of 35 | # 46 | Page 23 magnesium, your body cannot properly u lize the vitamin D you're taking. Another cofactor is vitamin K2, as it helps prevent complica ons associated with excessive calcifica on in your arteries. In fact, rela ve vitamin K2 deficiency is typically what produces symptoms of "vitamin D toxicity." Research by GrassrootsHealth, based on data from nearly 3,000 individuals, reveals you need 244% more oral vitamin D if you're not also taking magnesium and vitamin K2. What this means in prac cal terms is that if you take all three supplements in combina on, you need far less oral vitamin D in order to achieve a healthy vitamin D level. Lastly, vitamin D is an important regulator of your immune system, and dysregula on of the immune system is a hallmark of severe COVID-19. Higher Vitamin D Lowers All Risks Associated With COVID-19 The argument for vitamin D op miza on is strengthened by the fact that higher levels not only reduce your risk of tes ng posi ve for the virus but also cut the risk of severe illness, the need for hospitaliza on and mechanical ven la on, the length of hospitaliza on, and death. Vitamin D: • Lowers infec on rates • Lowers hospitaliza on rates • Lowers need for intensive care • Reduces severity of COVID-19 • Reduces mortality e Role of Magnesium and Vitamin K2 While regular sun exposure is the ideal way to op mize your vitamin D level, this can be nearly impossible during the winter. For this reason, an oral vitamin D3 supplement is recommended for most people. However, when supplemen ng you also need to be mindful of other nutrients that have synergis c effects. One of them is magnesium, which is required for the conversion of vitamin D into its ac ve form. Without sufficient amounts of V I T A M I N S & S U P P L E M E N T S E S T. 1 9 8 2 Our high quality, responsibly sourced oil delivers the heart-healthy benefits you want. DISCOVER THE GOLD STANDARD IN FISH OIL COCALA234 Our whole-food approach to fish oil delivers 935 mg of good Omegas. Not bleached or high-heat sterilized. Meets strict testing standards for mercury. † ©2021 NEW CHAPTER, INC. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. † Wholemega is fresh-pressed to deliver healthy Omegas for better absorption. E X T R A - V I R G I N & W I L D L Y P U R E ™

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