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8 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 51 ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED LASTDISCIPLES.COM I was born in California, into a military family. I started Kindergarten in Munich, Germany and spent all my High School years in Rome, Italy in the 60s. I have traveled throughout the US and visited almost every country in Europe. I started riding motorbikes and scooters like many of us, at an early age. I rode all over the hills of Italy on so many ancient cobblestone streets. By the early 1970s we were back in the states and I was riding a Norton Commando which I had put together from an old basket case. I also had a Bultaco 250 and took to the California hills. Fast forward to the late 90s. In 1998 I became an insufferable Christian Convert "Jesus Freak". Soon afterward, I began praying for God to lead me to a "serious" ministry. Now, fast-forwarding again to 2020, I find myself deeply entrenched in an International Motorcycle Club filled with mature born-again "believers". I am a cofounder and the Int'l President. We have everything from Doctors, Veterans and X-Cons among our ranks. How I got to this unlikely point is a story for another day. All I can say now is that, over many decades, I became obviously and powerfully drawn to the motorcycle culture with a "vengeance". As I pursued my interest in the California MC lifestyle as a Christian, I found being a basic "independent biker" (whether BLACk OPS INT'L Christian or not) can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Then, if you start thinking about joining a club? Ouch, things just got more complicated! Then, if you bring ministry into the mix of biker clubs, things start getting really interesting. Like: "Who the 'blank' are you guys? Who'd you go through?" "Are you a club, a ministry or what?" "We don't want any more 'Christian clubs', there's too many now!" "You guys are all liars and hypocrites!" "Oh, so you're a Club?' "Who blessed you in and don't say God or we may just kick your teeth in!" (All real deal quotes!). Hmmm, things just got even more intense! It can be gut wrenching. There are a lot of dues and dangers involved and, that's fine! But when you get members beat down and an eyeball kicked out of their head it gets a lot tougher. In addition, there can (and have been) threats against your wife, shooting your dog and burning your house. Those threats can cause the toughest of hombres to swallow a little hard! What's next; fists, knives, guns? Oh, that's real Christian-like! But, these things are real deals. Mud-checks do happen. They are unpleasant and can provoke violence in a heartbeat. But, what I'm saying here is it doesn't have to be that way! MMs, MCs and CMCs aren't the only way to minister and become known and trusted within the biker By Lou Steel A New Ministry Approach "Under The Radar for Jesus" PART I: TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW 8 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 51

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