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4 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 51 Contents Volume 11 Issue 5 #51 Wheels Of Grace maGazine PUBLISHER: Grace Rider Magazine Inc. MANAGING EDITOR: Peter Kaye ASSISTANT EDITOR: Stacy Kaye ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITORS: Rob Thompson / Lauren Hopkins / Kaylee Thompson GRAPHIC DESIGN: Angela Russo ADMINISTRATION: Stacy Kaye, Janet Landry, Annie Duckett, Sarah Franz PRISON MINISTRY: WOG Prison Ministry Team, Passion For Prison WRITERS: Andrew Cherney, Axle Addict, Ben Purvis, Brook Singman, Dano "Biker George", Jake Gibson, Justin Kelly, Law Tigers, Leah Misch, Lou Steel, Luca Manni, Peter Jackson, Peter Kaye, Sabrina Giacomini, Senior Living Ministries, Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys, Steve Merrill, The2StrokeChronicle PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: Ahavelaar, Balazs Toth, David Prado, Ermess, Jiri Fejkl, Joe Sohm, Karl Allen Lugmayer, Last Disciples MC, Law Tigers, Leah Misch, Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys, Scubabartek, Stevanzz, Steve Merrill, Andrea Manni, Marco Marroni, Alexey Kuznetsov, Studio Marroni, Claudio Giovanni Colombo WEST COAST: PO Box 892408 Temecula CA 92589 EAST COAST: PO Box 270239 Tampa FL 33688 For more information log on to: www.WheelsOfGrace.com We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. The content in Wheels Of Grace magazine is intended to inform and entertain today's motorcycle enthusiast. Wheels Of Grace magazine welcomes your letters, comments, photos and articles and we handle them fairly. We cannot be responsible for unsolicited material. We reserve the right to refuse readership, advertising and distribution to anyone under our liberty of conscience protected by the First Amendment. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of Wheels Of Grace, it's Board of Directors, Grace Rider Magazine Inc. it's staff, volunteers and affiliates. We do not accept anti-Patriotic and any anti-Biblical material. Please make sure to include your name and address with all submissions and if you would like material returned: please include a SASE and send to Wheels Of Grace. WEST COAST: PO Box 892408, Temecula CA 92589 EAST COAST: PO Box 270239 Tampa FL 33688 or send email to: WOGMagUSA@gmail.com Copyright 2002 – 2020 © | All Rights Reserved Designed and Printed in the USA Scan this QR Code to view the Digital Edition of WOG Mag ON THE COVER 2000 H-D DEuCE Photo by Marco Marroni 12 For the E-Magazine Enter Passphrase ACTS2024 20 29 6 H-D Servi Car 8 Black Ops Intl. 10 316 Highway 11 Biker Humor 12 World's Fastest Indian 14 Why We Ride 15 American Muscle In Italy 19 Biker Jargon 20 The Dirty Dozen 22 Shark Bites 23 Handlebar News 28 Senior Living Ministries 29 Harley-Davidson's RDRS System 31 Biker Church Directory 23 6

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