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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 11 Issue 5 | 23 HANDLEBAR NEWS HEllFIGHTERs UsA swAp MEET Remember the old Swap Meets of the past? Well, there is one right there in Hellfighters USA - Mike's "Almost" Everyday Swap Meet! Thousands of OEM Harley parts and 95% are twin cam parts along with Milwaukee 8 Parts. We do a lot of horse-trading, just like at the Old School Swap Meet. If you see something that you think would fit your bike, you can take the part out to your bike and try it on. So when you're driving or riding through go on in and have a good ol ' me seeing what Mike and Benji have in their Swap Meet in Beau ful Laurel, Mississippi. REcAll: YOU MIGHT NEED TO lEAvE YOUR 2020 INDIAN cHAllENGER HOME B Y S a B R I n a G I a C o m I n I Low-mileage units pose a risk. Indian Motorcycle Company issued a recall on a number of Challenger baggers due to a possible engine output shaft issue. According to the information published by the NHTSA, around one percent of 616 units of the new 2020 Indian Challenger could be affected by the problem. Here are the details of this recall: According to the defect no ce, Indian men ons that on some Challengers, the engine output sha bearing might not have been lubricated during assembly. This could poten ally lead to the bearing malfunc oning and to a sudden decelera on which, in the most extreme cases, could cause a crash. According to Indian, should the vehicle present the flaw, it will do so at a very low mileage. Indian recommends to owners of a 2020 Challenger with fewer than 50 miles on the odometer not to use their motorcycle. They should make arrangements to have the bike towed to a local Indian dealer where the bearing will be properly lubricated and any required fixes will be performed. Both the service and the vehicle's transporta on will be performed free of charge for the owner. Owners of vehicles with more than 50 miles on the odometer can either submit an electronic form via a dedicated portal or they can have their dealer complete and send the form for them. No further action will be required of them. Internal reference number for this recall is I-20-20 and it began on April 3, 2020. BOND GIRl AND RIDER HONOR BlAckMAN wAs 94 AND RODE MOTORcYclEs DURING wwII B Y a n d R e W C H e R n e Y If you ride a Norton, you must be cool, right? And if you happened to have played probably the most notorious Bond girl ever, then doubly so. English actor Honor Blackman, best known for her role in Goldfinger, passed away at 94. The Londoner held a number of roles in her long career, including Cathy Gale in The avengers (the hit Bri sh TV show, not the Marvel movies), but she made her greatest splash in that Bond film. But even prior to The avengers, it turns out Honor Blackman had an already developed adventurous streak; her working life began as a motorcycle dispatch rider for the Home Office during the Second World War while she was in her teens. Because men were being sent to battle Axis powers on the front lines, by 1940, nearly all dispatch riders were women. These riders played a crucial role in the war effort, delivering urgent messages and information between headquarters and remote field units. In an MCN story years ago Blackman recalled: "It was pre y dangerous because we were in the midst of war and had to mask the headlights during the blackout. Bombs were falling, but the roar of the motorbike engine used to drown out the sound of the doodlebugs so we never heard them coming. It seemed terribly exci ng to me." In later years, Blackman con nued embracing her joy of motorcycles; news reports show her taking delivery of a Honda CB200 in 1975 wearing her signature black leather suit. Honor Blackman is survived by her children and grandchildren. THE wORlD's BIGGEsT BIkER pARTY AND BIGGEsT MOTORcYclE MIssION- FIElD Is sTIll ON For ten days every August, the sleepy li le town of Sturgis, South Dakota, roars to life with the rumble of exhaust as the en re region is inundated with hundreds-of-thousands of leather- clad bikers. Could the current coronavirus outbreak put a damper on the party? Director of the rally and events, Jerry Cole, expects that this year's rally will proceed as usual. Cole says that while things are s ll uncertain, the rally is s ll almost five months out and he's op mis c that things will get be er before then. Cole and his team are staying up to date with regards to the virus and are in contact with the state health authority and the governor's office. "We're hoping that things will get under control, and we will go from there. If things change, we will let people know," Says Cole. "We're 100 percent on planning the rally," said Sturgis mayor Mark Carstensen at a news briefing at Sturgis' City Hall on March 25th. That's good news, considering that this year is the 80th Sturgis Rally so it promises to be bigger than usual as banner years usually are. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was founded by the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club in 1938, and has been held every year except for when it was put on hiatus for a couple of years during World War Two. While for years, it was exclusive to American made bikes like Harleys and Indians, these days, all bikes are welcome. HARlEY-DAvIDsON TO sUppORT ANDROID AUTO™ FOR EqUIppED TOURING MODEls Through a recent collabora on between Google and Harley- Davidson, Android Auto will be supported on all Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle models equipped with the Boom! ™ Box GTS infotainment system. Harley- Davidson is the first motorcycle manufacturer to announce Android Auto compa bility with an on-board infotainment system. Harley-

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