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81 WWW.HPLusmAGAzINe.COm AI BIO eNHANCeD NANO NeurO FOreVer YOuNG HumOr relinQUisHment, Step One JOe QuIrK O kay, if we're going to get started on this relinquishment thing, somebody is going to have to suggest the first baby step. It's all well and good for Bill Joy to suggest we immediately stop the infotech innovation that made him rich, but so far I haven't heard any practical steps on a realistic timetable. so I'm going to make a suggestion to get the ball rolling backward. This might seem like a weird one because cell phones have not been invented yet. They're just marketing all the prototypes. Here's a list of amenities an actual cell phone would have: it won't bleep out every 3oth word. it won't hang up on you at its discretion. it sounds at least as good as the walkie-talkie i used from my tree fort in 1975. it includes the most information-rich part of a conversation: the breath between the words that cues the user's intent to speak or listen.

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