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78 summer 2009 78 summer 2009 78 78 science fiction has explored the future evolution of humanity since Olaf stapledon, but in recent years the concept of the singularity has given it new energy. Leading sF publisher Baen brings us an anthology of original stories by Hugo award winner David Levine, old pro James Hogan, Wil mcCarthy and eight others, all tackling the topic from different angles but with a shared optimism. The introduction and the first three stories are available free on the publisher's website. – Jay Cornell WHere TO BuY www.amazon.com/Transhuman-mark-L-Van-Name/dp/141659146X/ref=sr_1_2?i e=uTF8&s=books&qid=1241461728&sr=1-2 Transhuman mArK L. VAN NAme AND T.K.F. WeIssKOPF Baen (paperback) A very sharp and often funny look at a 21st Century man who is resuscitated from cryogenic storage only to find himself in a tightly-controlled, techno-bean-counter socio-economic system. This novel may remind some of Heinlein — for both its clarity and its implicit individualist, libertarian satirical slant. – ru sirius WHere TO BuY h t t p : / / w w w . a m a z o n . c o m / u n i n c o r p o r a t e d - m a n - s c i - e s s e n t i a l - B o o k s / dp/0765318997 The unincorporated man DANI KOLLIN AND eYTAN KOLLIN Tor (hardcover) singer has written extraordinary and exacting books about child soldiers and the "privatized military industry" (which is a nice way of saying mercenaries). Now he turns a withering eye toward the realities and terminator possibilities of robots at war. – ru sirius WHere TO BuY h t t p : / / w w w . a m a z o n . c o m / W i r e d - W a r - r o b o t i c s - r e v o l u t i o n - C o n f l i c t / dp/1594201986/ref=sr_1_1?ie=uTF8&s=books&qid=1241461865&sr=1-1 Wired For War: The robotics revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century P.W. sINGer Penguin Press (hardcover) This is a truly fascinating book that deals brilliantly with the co-evolution of technology, business and society. A concise but complete "history of the future," written by a respected scholar, consultant and public speaker and based on information from a panel of 100 futurists, it covers most scientific and technological fields, with specific scenarios until 2050 and with general ideas for the future of humanity. – Jose Cordeiro WHere TO BuY www.amazon.com/ Technologys-Promise-Knowledge-Transformation-Business/ dp/0230019544 Technology's Promise: expert Knowledge on the Transformation of Business and society WILLIAm e. HALAL Palgrave macmillan (hardcover) A highly interior, marvelous short novel written from the point of view of a woman who — facing imminent death from illness — becomes the first person to have her consciousness transferred to a robot body. This will not appeal to hard tech types and transhumanist literalists, but as Alan moore wrote, it is "recklessly brave and driven writing, brimming with fluorescent style and startling ideas." – ru sirius WHere TO BuY www.amazon.com/Nightmare-silicon-Colette-Phair/dp/0978549996/ref=sr_1_1 ?ie=uTF8&s=books&qid=1241462545&sr=1-1 Nightmare in silicon COLeTTe PHAIr Chiasmus (paperback) 7 reCOmmenDeD BOOKS

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