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What if Travis Bickle was "The Thing"? rAY HuLING I t's not too often that you get to elbow-drop a guy from the top of the empire state Building, dust yourself off, run up the side of another building, leap off, and glide across the city. Playing Prototype, an open-world video game developed by radical entertainment, you fi nd yourself in the midst of a viral outbreak in New York City. rather than making people sick, this particular virus turns them into monsters that, in turn, gobble up the uninfected. Naturally, the u.s. government's behind it all, which explains the presence of marines and a secretive special Forces unit called BLACKWATCH amidst the chaos. You play as Alex mercer, who comes skulking through the city equipped with a grey hoodie, a cool jacket, and a bevy of virus-fueled super-powers — not to mention a bad case of amnesia. radical entertainment's Dennis Detwiller and eric Holmes came up with the idea of Alex and Prototype following on their success Images courtesy of Activision Publishing, Inc.

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