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the Future of Humanity is Zombie I n resident evil 5, the latest in the series of multimedia adventures about corporate greed and zombie apocalypse, you act out some postcolonial violence against hundreds of black bodies… or die trying over and over again. In Call of Duty: World At War, a patch turns Nazi opponents into Nazi zombie opponents. zombie novels litter bookstores like so many wayward limbs, including the recent pomo mash- up Pride and Prejudice and zombies. George romero, the grandpappy of the modern zombie menace, will be releasing his latest fi lm this year (or maybe next), and it is called ... of the Dead. And in those three little dots are competing visions of posthumanity. Like the socialists sang over a century ago, "Whose side Are You On?" The iconic zombie horde isn't just a stand-in for a terrifying undifferentiated Other, but a symbol of how we might shamble and shuffl e toward liberation. eVerYTHInG OF THe DeaD: the Future of Humanity is Zombie NICK mAmATAs Photo by Jacob Appelbaum

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