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67 WWW.HPLusmAGAzINe.COm 67 WWW.HPLusmAGAzINe.COm 67 67 m ention the word "transhumanism" to most of my friends, and they will assume you mean uploading people into a computer. Transcendence typically connotes an escape from the trappings of this world — from the frailty of our bodies, the evolutionary wiring of our primate psychologies, and our necessary adherence to physical law. However, the more I learn about the creative flux of our universe, the more the evolutionary process appears to be not about withdrawal, but engagement – not escape, but embrace – not arriving at a final solution, but opening the scope of our questions. Any valid map of history is fractal — evermore complex, always shifting to expose unexplored terrain. Let a Hundred Futures Bloom: a "Both/and" Survey of Transhumanist Speculation mICHAeL GArFIeLD Photos by Scott Liddell

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