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A ndy miah is the renaissance man of the enhancement enlightenment. While best known for defending "doping" (performance enhancement) in sports, as a professor in ethics and emerging Technologies at the university of the West of scotland, his work draws from law, philosophy, art, cultural studies, sociology, bioethics, human enhancement, social media, life-extension, ethical culture, climate change, synthetic biology, and artifi cial life. As if that isn't enough, miah says he's now looking at architecture and the future, extraterrestrial ethics, and ideas about biocultural capital. (And just for fun, he's also a graphic designer and fi lm connoisseur.) miah has been writing and talking in various public forums about enhancement, sports enhancement, and the future for almost ten years. In that time, he has become an infl uential voice in these areas, along with all things "bio." miah has published over 100 solo- authored academic articles on sports enhancements and other topics. He has published two books, including Genetically modifi ed Athletes (routledge, 2004), regarding biomedical ethics, gene doping and sport. And while miah's writing on sports enhancement has made him fairly controversial, he refuses to be pigeonholed. He knows that being labeled creates boundaries, and he has worked to have his voice heard in such infl uential places as the Olympics committees. anDY mIaH, Sports Doping, and the enhancement enlightenment KRISTI SCOTT

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