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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 11 Issue 1 | 11 ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED LASTDISCIPLES.COM The CMC scene is growing and will continue to grow as long as there are motorcycles and lost souls needing salvation. We are living proof that patch-wearing CMC's, secular clubs, and 1%er's can co-exist. The caveat is; you must be the real deal, not only as bikers, but also as Christians. Drugs, alcohol, crude jokes or vulgar language, and the lustful things of the flesh may be part of the old life, but we are called to be new creations in Christ and dead to the things of the world. The lost are watching us! We must be a light that shines through the darkness, not hypocrites living secret lives on the side. Whether we are wearing a patch or not, we have a mission and we will be held accountable for all our actions someday, maybe sooner than we think! If we are lukewarm toward the Lord, He will pull our covers if some ThE CMC SCENE – whERE'S IT GOING? burley tatted-up biker doesn't do it first. They hate phonies, and liars. And so does God! So, if we are to be true ambassadors for Christ, we had better act and live like it! Lord help us all! Amen? I believe that Satan has raised up false teachers and false prophets in this venue and more will be coming to cause confusion and division. We've already seen it. The Last Disciples take the Great Commission very seriously and it is our calling to take the gospel to the lost, wherever that leads us, "even to the far corners of the earth". Let's all do our best to keep our members in check, myself included. Pick up the next issue of WOG Mag to read about the History of the Last Disciples MC. WheelsOfGrace.com Volume 11 Issue 1 11

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