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23 Everybody wants to feel OK. If we are truly paying atten- tion, we notice that almost all the decisions we make, both wise and unwise, originate from a desire to feel good. Know- ing this, you would think that a major priority during our childhood, adolescent, and young adult development would be the training of our emotions and minds. I know I missed that class in school. Mindfulness or its most common formal practice, medita- tion, is the training of our mind, especially the emotional aspect. From our family and community we learn to model behavior (for better or worse) and develop beliefs about our self and the way the world works. In my experience, most of us—even the highest functioning adults—suffer mood swings, anxiety and endure unhealthy beliefs. A simple, daily meditative practice can help. meditative practice can help. The foundation of health comes from the right nutrition, a regular movement practice, and adequate sleep. Most of the challenges in my medical practice have been to motivate and educate patients on how to create an individual plan that ad- dresses these habits. Though everybody hits snags in their lives that challenge their emotional wellbeing, when un- healthy mental habits develop, all aspect of health suffer. This is why I enjoy integrating mindfulness into my practice. Often just acknowledging how our challenging lives affect our minds can help us reengage our heath with wisdom. Taking a few minutes to demystify with meditation, pointing out a few helpful phone apps, or encouraging exploration into mindfulness are a few easy ways that I encourage my patients during their office visits at Rancho Family Medicine. View Dr. Rome's online profile HERE ROME WALTER, DO MEDITATION

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