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Summer 2019

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03. OUR LOCATIONS 08. DR. IM: Vitamin D 11. DR. BAILEY: Resistance Training 25. DR. W. COMBS: Health Benefi ts of Giving 12. DR. RAHMAN: Home Gardening 17. DR. UTTABURANONT: Watermelon Feta Salad 06. DR. BEHNAWA: Stimulating your Brain 19. DR. ELFELT: Daily Routines 07. DR. GUTIERREZ: Stress Relief 13. DR. A. MILLER: Service 15. GOLDEN STATE HEALTH PLAN 21. DR. CAMARILLO: Creativity 29. MVSA 30. HELEN IM, DDS FREE LOCAL EVENTS ON BACK COVER 04. HOW TO JOIN: JOIN THE FAMILY TODAY 22. DR. M. COMBS: Finding your Escape 09. RANCHO SPRINGS HOSPITAL 20. DR. MADRID: Juggling Diet & Exercise 14. DR. SIMMONS: Hiking 26. DR. FRALEY: Buying Local 24. THE SPRINGS HEALTH LIVING 23. DR. WALTER: Meditation 05. DR. SOTIS: Cycling 27. TEMECULA VALLEY HOSPITAL 18. DR. B. MILLER: Music Therapy 02. ABOUT RANCHO FAMILY TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS

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