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ASK Abby I have acid reflux and wanted to know if aloe vera juice would help me? I have been on antibiotics and they have aggravated my stomach issues. I have heard that aloe vera is a great thing to use. Thank you! - Maryann Hi Maryann, Yes, aloe is wonderful to drink to soothe and heal esophagitis and gastritis. Antibiotics disturb the natural protective layer of the stomach. The product, ���Digestron��� by Chi���s Enterprise repairs and replaces this layer. To avoid future acid reflux, do not drink any fluids with and for two hours after meals. Fluids will dilute the gastric juice and interfere with proper digestion! Sincerely, Abby Do you provide consultation to help with the health needs of Hepatits C patient with gallstones? - Carol Hi Carol, Yes, I offer free consultations and I have helped numerous Hepatitis C clients improve their liver health dramatically with Dr. Chi���s ���Liver Chi��� and ���Debile, (2 after each meal) to soften and remove gallstones without side effects! Sincerely, Abby I am taking a product containing androstenedione and androstenediol. Should I be concerned with side effects? - Peter Dear Peter, Yes, you should be aware that Andros convert to testosterone and aromatize to estrogens! This may increase your risk for prostate Abby offers Free Consultations - Please call (813) 996-6999 Monday - Friday from 10 am - Noon to make your appointment cancer, breast enlargement and other health problems. It is imperative that you take a potent aromatase inhibitor when on Andros. The best and strongest one I recommend is Dr. Chi���s ���Myomin���. On its own myomin will raise your testosterone! Sincerely, Abby Is there a supplement to help reduce my cataracts? I hesitate putting something directly in my eyes. - Vivian Dear Vivian, Cataracts form when free radicals (oxidation) damage the lens. Glutathione peroxidase protects lens clarity by repairing cellular damage. Because there is an agerelated decrease in lenticular glutathione, I recommend ���Cell Guard��� by Biotec. Also, N-Acetyl Cysteine supplements will raise your glutathione levels. Sincerely, Abby I was wondering if there is any information as far as multivitamins or supplements to help with restless leg syndrome. - Henrietta Dear Henrietta, I have found a potassiummagnesium supplement along with taurine to be very effective for restless legs. Make sure you stay hydrated by consuming daily, a food-derived multivitamin containing trace minerals and drinking adequate fluid, �� your body weight in ounces. Sincerely, Abby Page 6 | Abby���s Magazine - I suffer from continual bladder infections. My urologist says I will not get rid of them, and I have to keep going on antibiotics. I am diabetic and 77 years old. I used to get the bladder infections every few months, but now they come just a few weeks after I get off ciprofloxacin. Please help. - Paula Dear Paula, I believe you may have a superbug that has developed because of your long term use of antibiotics. I suggest you take Colloidal Silver as your antibiotic. Take 1 Tbsp in 4 divided doses for 12 days to ensure that the bacteria is completely gone. Along with the silver, take Saccharomyces boulardi. After 12 days, take 1 teaspoon of D-Mannose daily for at least 5 months to keep your superbug away. Let me know how this worked. Sincerely, Abby Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquires to: Did You Know? Abby���s opened in 1997 with three employees. Abby���s currently employs 54 awesome people. Abby���s is dedicated to supporting local independent farmers and other health organizations. Abby���s does not support products that contain Genetically Engineered Foods, hormones, antibiotics, artificial coloring or sweeteners.

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