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CELLULAR TOXICITY By Dr. DelRae Messer, D.C. Today, we are faced with what experts are calling a ���Chemical Revolution���. There has been an invasion of man-made chemicals in every corner of our world, including our bodies. Since World War 2, there are now 82,000 chemicals in use in the United States. Only 200 have ever been tested for toxicity and ONLY FIVE have been banned under the Toxic Substances Control Act. In recent years, we have seen a spike of New Millennium Diseases. 30 years ago, you would be hard pressed to find a child with a peanut allergy, let alone ADHD, autism, asthma, obesity and reproductive disorders. Research of hundreds of medical scientists confirms that children are most at risk to serious ailments linked to toxic chemicals. Exposure to chemicals as a child is now linked to the onset of neurological diseases later in life such as Alzheimer���s and Parkinson���s. Autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity and weight loss resistance (weight loss that does not respond to diet and exercise alone) are being linked to the toxic soup of chemicals we bathe in daily. BPA, PBDE���s, PFOA���s, pesticides, and formaldehyde are chemicals that gained national attention when CNN���s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta covered a special called, TOXIC AMERICA. ���A growing body of research is linking five chemicals -- among the most common in the world -- to a host of ailments, including cancer, sexual problems and behavioral issues.��� We are permeable and absorbent. We accumulate chemicals and international experts agree that these toxins over time have the potential to disrupt the hormone systems of animals and humans. In 1991, they estimated ���that unless the environmental load of synthetic hormone disruptors is abated and controlled, a large scale dysfunction at the population level is possible.��� How Toxic are we? The Toxic Nation project tested men, women, and children from different parts of the country and different ethnic backgrounds. 100% of the participants had phthalates, flame retardants, BPA, and other known carcinogens in their bodies. The President���s Cancer Panel Annual Report stated, ���Environmentally caused cancers are ���grossly underestimated��� and ���needlessly devastate American lives. Chemicals and contaminants might trigger cancer by a variety of means. They can damage DNA, disrupt hormones, inflame tissues, or turn genes When we think of pollution, we usually picture car on or off.��� exhaust, smokestacks, sewers, and toxic landfills. The EPA estimates our indoor environment (what we are More research is linking chronic systemic inflammation exposed to daily) is 7-10x higher than our outdoor to chronic disease and a myriad of symptoms we suffer environment. Baby bottles, deodorants, furniture, with on a daily basis: Back and Neck Pain, Joint pain, carpet, household cleaners, laundry and dishwashing Headaches/Migraines, Allergies/Asthma, Sleeping detergent, personal care products, cookware, Problems, Digestive Problems, Diabetes, High Blood electronics, children���s toys and clothing, plastics, and Pressure, and Fatigue/Low Energy. processed food, are just a start to the list products Chemical exposure can raise oxidative stress and that contain toxic chemicals. It is estimated that by free radical damage in the body increasing systemic the time the average woman walks out the door, she inflammation. Mounting research is pointing to a has applied 126 different chemicals and 12 different missing link in 21st century weight loss. We are finding products to her face, body and hair. BPA���s, Pthalates, that calories in vs. calories out is no longer working. Page 16 | Abby���s Magazine -

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