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Abby���s Magazine Food Allergies leading to long-term allergies and frequent infections. levels of IgA, making them particularly susceptible. Stress During stressful times, food allergies tend to develop or become worse. This situation probably results from a stress-induced decrease in secretory IgA levels. IgA plays an important role in the lining of the mucosal membrane of the intestinal tract, where it helps protect against the entrance of foreign substances into the body. In other words, IgA acts as a barricade against the entry of food antigens. When there is a lack of IgA lining the intestines, the absorption of food allergens and microbial antigens increases dramatically. Even a relatively short-term IgA deficiency predisposes a person to the development of food allergy. People with food allergies typically have unusually low The Immune System and Food Allergies Most food allergies are mediated by the immune system as a result of interactions between ingested food, the digestive tract, white blood cells, and food-specific antibodies such as IgE, IgG, and IgM. Food represents the largest antigenic challenge that confronts the human immune system, whether a person suffers from food allergies or not. When food antigens activate the immune system, white blood cells and antibodies cooperate in an immune response that, under certain circumstances, can have negative effects. There are five major families of antibodies: IgE, IgD, IgG, IgM, and IgA. IgE is involved primarily in the classic immediate reaction, while others seem to be involved in delayed reactions, such as those seen in the cyclical type of food allergy (one that comes and goes). Although the function of the immune system is to protect a person from infections and cancer, abnormal immune responses can lead to tissue injury and disease; food allergy reactions are just one expression. PUSH HARDER, LAST LONGER. TAkE iT TO THE NExT LEvEL. The firsT compleTe, All-nATurAl, plAnT-bAsed sporT performAnce sysTem. Abby���s Magazine - March/April 2013 | Page 13

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