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Page 10 | Abby's Magazine - Have you ever wondered why is there earth? Have you ever wondered why are we here? Do you know why YOU are here? Do you know your purpose for being "here" at this me on earth? I think Abby had an answer for all of the above. She was a beacon of light in a dark abyss. She was determined to make a difference in people's lives. She was here to serve and she did it relessly, through consulta ons that she never charged for, to se ng the gold standard for a health food store. Abby appreciated the value of knowledge. She sent her team to classes like CNHP (cer fied natural health professionals) so they could be er serve their loyal clientele. She promoted people who had a great message to share by hos ng excellent classes in the learning center. I was honored to have lectured there myself. She started a food revolu on when she opened the cafe, the first organic food buffet in Tampa. The best chef's, the healthiest food, that was how Abby rolled. Though Abby enjoyed teaching and serving one to one, she knew the value of teaching one to many. When the concept of Abby's magazine was born, Abby didn't forget the furry 4 legged kids. She asked to have me write the pet column which I have faithfully done since the first edi on. I received many referrals from Abby over the years. One case was her own nephew's dog. Abby not only referred him, but she came with him to the appointment! We had great fun muscle tes ng and collabora ng our energe c findings. Abby never stopped "giving". Her latest contribu on, the farm, is "her legacy" to the community that will live on as an example of the groundbreaking adventurer that Abby was. A private person, Abby did not talk much about herself and her achievements, but credited her success to her staff and business partner, Victor. I spoke with Abby a few weeks before her transi on. I told her I was opening a commercial commissary next to my office and did she have an interest in being a partner in any capacity? Retrospec vely, her response was profound…. "I am winding down and simplifying my life now, not revving things up." Life's Purpose? Life's Purpose?

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