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Page 8 | Abby's Magazine - Education, Nutrition and Inspiration Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 PH. 813-882-8181 If there's ever a woman who was so passionate on nutri on, health, and healthy lifestyles it was Abby Sayler. I, Dr. Dan met Abby for the very first me when I decided to shop at Abby's Health and Nutri on store, where I decided to approach her and introduce myself. From that moment I knew there was an instant connec on. Shortly a er, she came in as a new pa ent already showing interest in chiroprac c ready to enhance her health. Her coming in as a pa ent gave me the opportunity to learn more on health and healing based off her abundance of nutri onal intelligence. Abby always knew so much informa on, and from that I always learned. My first project with Abby was the Extreme makeover challenge for over 110 people. This project consisted on three professionals coming together to promote a healthy and correct lifestyle. Abby came into the office to give a talk on nutri on (how to eat correctly) and hormonal balance while a personal trainer came in and spoke about the importance of exercise, and I covered postural stretches and the philosophy on chiroprac c health. At the end of the challenge those with biggest and most notable changes would win prizes. Working on this project with Abby made me realize that she was someone I wanted to work with and make long- las ng connec ons with. We had a synergis c rela onship, where we worked as a team on persuading pa ents/ customers into the correct healing lifestyle for their body. Between both of our special es, Abby's being nutri on and mine being chiroprac c we were able to bring both of our pa ents to the right path on health. Not only would Abby educate her customers on nutri on, but she would also add why chiroprac c would be an important aspect of their lives. Teaching my own pa ents on chiroprac c was very similar because I always brought it back to nutri on and making sure my pa ents understood not only the aspect of chiroprac c but the philosophy of it regarding the natural way of life towards a healing body, sending all my pa ents to Abby's. It was a mutual care we had for the pa ents. As a business owner, I respected Abby for how she handled owning her business based off of her dedica on to health. Understanding how a business runs allowed me to admire her own ways and skills for running Abby's Health and Nutri on store. She was very successful due to the fact that she gave her clients a tremendous amount of educa on which is something we shared in common. Seeing that she prac ced this same ideology really explained how successful she was as a business owner. Abby will forever be missed but her legacy will live on to the next person in running this store, Victor. I will con nue to work with Victor along her legacy to help promote nutri on and chiroprac c care in all pa ents, hopefully with the ability in allowing them to see the health and healing they deserve. God has blessed me with the rela onship with Abby not only for myself but for my pa ents as well.

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