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Page 32 | Abby's Magazine - Abby Sayler was a visionary. Pure and simply she saw things way before their me. Growing up in the 60's and the "Woodstock" revolu on, she realized government and the status quo wasn't quite right, related to health. She despised big pharmaceu cal and their answers to our health issues. That began a life long pursuit of alterna ve solu ons for what was considered heresy at the me. Her con nued educa on confirmed that the body would "heal" itself given the right s mulus. To date... thousands have benefited from her consul ng about a healthy alterna ve to their diagnosis from doctors. The recent "celebra on of her life" revealed so many people that experienced that... and I was blown away. Her legacy of health will most certainly live on through the mul tude visit our site to learn, contribute and/or volunteer! visit our site to learn, contribute and/or volunteer! Abby's Farm Vision Abby's Farm Vision

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