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Page 26 of 47 - Issue 37 | Page 27 Thanks to all that are commi ed to con nuing Abby's legacy for the community! Mary Ann Kominsky Abby was a great help and encouraged me through my journey toward be er health. Dar Bod My sweet sister Abby, you are so loved and missed! I love you so very much and you have le so many who will miss you!!!! Elaine Foster She will leave a void that will be hard to fill. Her hands-on manner was so appreciated. Deanna Mountjoy Corarito Sad… She helped so many people in life. Elizabeth Morowa I can't believe it s ll. I feel a great loss in my heart. Wendy Cha n Abby has touched more lives with wellness than anyone I know. Her knowledge, passion, dedica on, and commitment made her a bright shining star of hope and help in Tampa Bay. She has le a wonderful legacy with the store, the staff, the organic farm, and all that she has done to help others with health and wellness. I feel so sad like I have lost a family member. Victor, let us know how we can help you to con nue her legacy. Julie Allen Phillips She was a kind, brilliant lady who gave me a place that I truly love to work at and most important she believed in me. She will be missed. R.I.P. Miss Abby. Sean Jerkins The impact that Abby le is something that will live on for many years to come. She mentored me, as well as countless others and I owe so much to her. Praying for her family and her amazing team at Abby's. Much love. Cindy Cover Mitchell REMEMBERING ABBY… Abby helped me overcome thyroid disease and have a baby when the doctors gave me only a 5% chance of ever conceiving. She holds a special place in my heart. She was a blessing to everyone who had the pleasure to meet her. May she rest in peace. Echo Georgi I'm so heartbroken. I was so sick and prac cally bedridden when I went to see Abby. My health is be er than it's been in 10 years thanks to Abby! Stephanie Doctor She helped me get off RX medica on and have an amazing natural birth with my third son. I was just thinking about her the other day… Abby's Health and Nutri on is the reason why my degree is in Alt medicine! Dass Tara IMPACT is definitely the word that comes to my mind when I think of Abby! Rest in peace! Praying for her family and her amazing team. Beth Carrara-Feiertag My deepest and most heart felt thanks to Abby's family. It's truly refreshing and wonderful to see how many lives she's impacted and tried to help through the decades. Abby was a bright star who always saw the beauty in all people and situa ons going back as far as I can remember into my childhood. It truly makes my day to see just a sliver of the lives she's affected and helped. My sincerest thanks for suppor ng her local business and believing what she taught. Special thanks to Victor and all of the wonderful workers and customers of Abby's for helping keep her dream and legacy going. I wish you all health and happiness. Many blessings. Dan Piela Abby has certainly le a great legacy behind her. Thank you Abby. Bridget Bean She was a wonderful lady. Tamikia Thinthick My heart is so heavy. Her legacy is enormous and she has touched the lives of thousands of people. Many blessings on her precious memory. Linda Joy Rose Oh no! Completely heartbroken! I'm so devastated… Kenye a Jones So very sorry for your loss… Blessings and prayers for her family and friends. Michele Hernandez Oh Victor, you and Abby both have helped me so much over the last eight years. Thank you. Amy Bridges Fla I love Abby. My heart is saddened, Victor. Tim Gardner She will be missed. But her impact in the community will live on. Omar Khayyam Siddiqui She has definitely impacted the lives of many including my family. Tammie Williams Co on She was such a special lady and very helpful to me when I was searching for help. Cherie Wood Callahan I brag about my local health food store to everyone. Prayers to her family and employees. Desiree Mohan Offner I have been going to Abby's store many years and is one who have counseled me many years ago when I was sick and has inspired me to do Holis c Coaching and healing for others now as well. I list her store on my website and have go en many others to go there and I go there weekly and the cafe is just about the only place I will go out to eat COMMENTS POURED IN ON SOCIAL MEDIA. HERE ARE SOME FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ABBYSHEALTH

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