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Page 22 of 47 - Issue 37 | Page 23 Abby, I have lost a friend and I am very sad. You have been in my life for over 20 years and been a huge posi ve force. You have advised, counseled, and educated me on health issues that have made such a difference in my life. Thank you, Abby. I have observed you in a myriad of ac vi es surrounding your store, family, and farm. The one thing that always showed the largest around you was your heart. Abby, you were truly one of the good ones who came from your heart to make a difference in this world. You touched so many in so many different ways that it is impossible to calculate the size of the difference you made with your life. The amazing part is you weren't looking for ego gra fica on; "look at me" was not part of your F A R E W E L L A B B Y By Don McCann persona. You just wanted things to work for others, and, because you gave from your heart so many mes, they did. Many nights you were at your store ll closing working late to see somebody in need, and what was obvious was you didn't have a choice. You were Abby, and you had already chosen your big heart which meant you would be there for those who needed you. Thank you also for suppor ng Structural Energe c Therapy® and referring people you knew would benefit from the relief from acute and chronic pain. Thank you so much, and I will do my best to follow your example in the healing profession to make as big a difference as possible. Goodbye, Abby. I miss you. STRUCTURAL ENERGETIC THERAPY®, INC. Rehabilitation from Pain Acute & Chronic Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT 156-B Whitaker Road ~ Lutz, FL 33549 Ph. 813-949-2245 ~ Fax. 813-949-2797 It is with a heavy, but grateful heart that I say farewell, Abby. I always looked forward to seeing your smiling face whenever we shopped in your amazing health and nutri on store. I so appreciated your knowledge and your willingness to answer ques ons, no ma er when or where I asked them. I learned so much from you, knowledge that I will carry on and spread to others. You were such an amazing lady – you had such foresight in crea ng and expanding Abby's Health and Nutri on which has become our primary shopping place because we know and appreciate the high quality of all that is offered there. With your big heart you truly cared for the health and well-being of those who entered, spending many hours sharing your me and wealth T H A N K Y O U A B B Y By Pam Putnam & Alan Repas of informa on helping so many, many people heal from complicated and painful condi ons and giving them hope. You touched so many lives and truly made a difference! I so admire your dedica on to a life of hear elt service, educa on and healing. I also thank you for your unending support of Structural Energe c Therapy®, and for providing the pla orm for us to share this healing therapy with the public. You were truly a most amazing and very special person who has made an enduring difference with your life and vision! Thank you for sharing your love! I miss you, Abby, and I am so thankful to have known you.

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