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Page 22 | Abby's Magazine - One of the best days of my life was spent with Abby, Victor, and Benny McClean touring the orange groves in Lake County, Fl. Abby's Health Food had won a contest to visit Uncle Ma 's Organic Farms. Benny McClean, was the winner of the Organic Trade Associa on's 2015 Farmer of the Year. He is a true organic pioneer that con nues to change the organic world. Abby's Organic Community had won the 2015 Sustainable Business Award in Tampa. Abby's dream of crea ng a "state of the art" community farm had become a reality. Abby was a true pioneer in health and wellness. Imagine spending the day with these two powerhouses! That day, we drove through orange groves in an old Ford scratched from the tree branches. We stopped to look at the peaches that were being grown. Benny explained how crickets would jump up and bite the peaches. The solu on – bring in some chickens to help fight off the crickets. Abby decided that her farm needed some chickens! We then headed to lunch at an old Florida diner complete with hats all over the ceiling from truckers that had been there over the last 50 years. Listening to Abby and Bennie talk that day was inspiring. I will always remember Abby walking around the groves in her rubber boots that day, looking fabulous. R E M E M B E R I N G A B B Y AND HOW DID SHE DECIDE TO HAVE CHICKENS AT ABBY'S ORGANIC FARM By Laura Dougherty, Megafood You can view it or read it on line, or download the PDF version of one page or the complete magazine. DON'T WORRY – GO TO ABBYSHEALTHFOOD. COM/ABBYS-MAGAZINE TO VIEW OR READ THE LATEST AND ALL PREVIOUS ISSUES. Missed an issue of FREE $5.95 FREE $5.95 (Issue 34) "Better Health Through Education" Magazine Magazine Volume 6 Edition 4 Raising Healthy Kids ABBYSHEALTHFOOD.COM/ABBYS-MAGAZINE

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