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Page 16 | Abby's Magazine - Abby met with thousands over the years and from the comments but most do not know that Abby was an incredible drawer and person. I know how good she was at drawing a er seeing her work as I used to draw quite a bit myself. I knew she held a medical illustra on degree but I didn't know she was so amazing at it, I was blown away! Abby was an Incredible Artist! Abby was an Incredible Artist! By Collin Chi She was a diving instructor too I learned. She did it all. It was good to hear how well she kept in touch with her clients. Tex ng them, calling to check in with them, and going over to their houses to help however she could to heal them. It was also good to hear other people's experiences with her. We all have big shoes to fill. It's me for me to be a be er man and con nue to fully step towards my des ny. Hope this is not too much Abby. But I'm sure you passed knowing what a full life and big impact you had on the community. I've already wri en my words about you, so I'm not going do that here, just figured I'd put one last thought out there to the universe to carry you further on your travels and to close this chapter and move forward in life. Take care out there. Rise in peace.

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