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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 10 Issue 4 | 21 THE MAN BEHIND THE VEST: DR. PATRICK NAVE FOUNDER OF BIKERS AGAINST TRAFFICKING A Wheels Of Grace exclusive interview W.O.G. Dr. Patrick Nave or "Doc" as many of us call you, you are known to many as the therapist and to others the founder of Bikers Against trafficking, a ministry like no other that has been used by God to change people's lives in one of the hardest areas being the underground world of Human Trafficking. As my brother in Christ, I have spent me with you on more than one occasion and I got to know you as my friend. This interview is not about theological ma ers and beliefs, although we may touch on someā€¦ This is about people ge ng to know the Dr. Patrick Nave they may not know so our readers can get to know The Man Behind The Vest. We can get to know more about your life and your story. Fair enough? Doc.: Thanks Peter, it has been amazing ge ng to know you and Stacy. W.O.G. So let's get right to it. Where were you born? Doc.: I was born in Pon ac, Michigan. Strangely enough the doctors told my mom that she was going to have twin girls. Unfortunately, she was surprised but I lovingly tell her that I must have been twice as valuable. BTW, she didn't think that was funny. LOL W.O.G. Where did you grow up? Doc.: I spent the early years of my life moving quite a bit. Mostly back and forth between Missouri and Michigan. I was born in Michigan but my parents were anything but se led. My dad was constantly chea ng on my mother; he was abusive and would beat us with a horsewhip if we got out of hand. He threw knives at us, in midated my three brothers and I as o en as he could, and by the age of three I drank my first beer and a pa ern of sexual molesta on and abuse had entered into my life which I s ll struggle with even today. My father eventually got arrested for murder back in 1974 when I was eight and he was originally charged with first degree murder but on the day his trial was to begin he pled out for 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was sent off to Jackson State Peniten ary in Jackson, Michigan and we went from living on a nice 80-acre farm in Ortonville, MI to living in a bedroom at my Aunt's house and exis ng on welfare. My dad had been part of a biker

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