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28 | AD Today 2018 | OWN IT TOGETHER, WE HELP. One year after its 2017 launch, the AD Disaster Relief Foundation continues to support AD community members in need, promote people helping people, and make a difference in the lives of others. Serving others and giving back have always been core values at AD, so it came as no surprise that those traditions served as the catalyst behind the 2017 launch of the AD Disaster Relief Foundation, a non-profit mechanism through which the AD Community can formally support one another in the event of a disaster. Through the Foundation, donors can give both in-kind donations (such as building materials, generators, cleaning supplies, etc.) as well as monetary support, and will receive tax deductions for their contributions. With 2017 standing as one of the most destructive weather years in America's history according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the AD Disaster Relief Foundation couldn't have been established at a better time for AD's 500+ member organizations and their employees nationwide. Statistics reveal that the program was highly active in its inaugural year, facilitating transactions from 185 donors and dispersing over $200,000 in the form of 39 grants to employees of 13 AD member and supplier companies affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria, and the California Wildfires. Following are some of the heartfelt personal stories of those affected as well as the many acts of kindness and generosity among AD community members that the AD Disaster Relief Foundation both witnessed and helped support in 2017: 185 Donors $200,000 dispersed 39 Grants awarded

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