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36 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 43 Disclaimer: The following series of articles are the courtesy of www.rcvsmc.net (Motorcycle Club Riding Education). The articles have been the most popular series in demand ahead of the series Christians and Tattoos. The articles are posted to inform the motorcycle rider of a world within the world of motorcycling. Motorcycle Clubs have been around for over 60 years. Although some may not agree with some of the articles written, these articles were written by and from the perspective of Motorcycle Club members. We would like to hear your feedback. We did not make the rules nor support or not support any of the written. These articles are for "educational purposes". Peter Kaye These are some things for you, as a Chris an Motorcycle Club or Motorcycle Ministry member to consider, when dealing with Motorcycle Clubs. They are also things to consider if and when you are going to be around motorcycle clubs. 1. Patch holders are people too. They have good and bad days; they have jobs, families, and normal everyday problems and concerns just like anyone else. There are those who no ma er what you say or do, it will not be right with them. Just like with any group, you will find both good and bad. 2. Protocol and Respect are primary rules when dealing with a motorcycle club patch holder. If you are FORMALLY introduced to a patch holder, make sure either the person doing the introduc on (or you) know what club you belong to and if you are an officer, what posi on you hold. Under no circumstances do you interrupt to correct a mistake while that person is introducing you or while they are talking. Wait ll the introduc on is done and politely introduce your self correctly. i.e. … Joe Rider, XYZ Riding Club, 1st Officer, Any town Chapter. Fred Spokes, Any state Officer, XYZ Riding Club (Use your name - not your nickname. Nicknames may come later.) 3. Greet them as you would meet anyone else and wait un l the offer is made to shake hands. DO NOT interrupt, wait for them to recognize you. DO NOT be offended or make a big deal if they do not offer to shake your hand. Many mes they want to get to know about you and your club or ministry a li le be er before they will offer to shake your hand. They don't know who you are and others are watching. 4. Never, Ever, Lie. You can refuse to answer a ques on in a polite manner by saying something like, "That seems like club business, and I would like to refer that to one of our officers in order to get be er informa on for you." Such response earns respect and may begin a rela on with you and the other party. Be prepared to answer ques ons about what your club is about. Such as... A) "We are a Riding Club and not a Motorcycle Club and have no inten on of ever trying to become a motorcycle club". B) The Patch is bought and not earned; or, it is earned and through a mentorship or discipleship period of… C) No dues or Dues - as applicable. D) All makes and models of motorcycle are welcomed. Or it's a brand specific or special requirements club. E) We are a non-territorial club or we are a non-profit ministry. F) We are a neutral club and do not wear any MC support patches. G) Women riders are welcomed and in many cases are club, or ministry officers. H) We are an AMA chartered riding club. I) We belong to our local C.O.C. or we do not. J) Do NOT brag about how large the local or na onal membership is. K) Do not volunteer club info. If they ask a ques on about the local chapter answer it if you can. If they start asking ques ons about the number of members, or the Na onal chain of organiza on refer them to one of the club Officers. 5. Women in leadership posi ons or being a patch holder in motorcycle clubs, while not totally unheard of, is very rare. That's just the way it is. Most motorcycle clubs would also rather deal with a man if there is business to conduct. Most realize what a riding club or a Motorcycle Ministry is about and will for the most part accept a woman as an officer, and a woman officer will most likely be allowed to a end any mee ng. Whether or not they will deal directly with a woman officer or not depends on the individual motorcycle club/ chapter. There is no set rule for this and they will let you know if it's OK with them or not. Many motorcycle clubs do not care to deal with the Na onal officers. They would prefer to deal with the local or state representa ves. History of the 3-PC 3-PC 36 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 43 22 points of Proper

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