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32 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 42 3-PC Disclaimer: The following series of articles are the courtesy of www.rcvsmc.net (Motorcycle Club Riding Education). The articles have been the most popular series in demand ahead of the series Christians and Tattoos. The articles are posted to inform the motor- cycle rider of a world within the world of motorcycling. Motorcycle Clubs have been around for over 60 years. Although some may not agree with some of the articles written, these articles were written by and from the perspective of Motorcycle Club members. We would like to hear your feedback. We did not make the rules nor support or not support any of the written. These articles are for "educational purposes". Peter Kaye WHAT IS A MOTORCYCLE CLUB? If motorcycles influence your lifestyle, you are part of the motorcycle community. Of all the types of organiza ons found within that community, the motorcycle club stands apart and ranks highest in stature. A serious M/C commands respect for one or both of two reasons: 1. Those who are informed recognize the deep level of personal commitment and self discipline that a person has to demonstrate and sustain in order to wear a patch, so much so that it is akin to being a full me profession for the individual. They realize that a Club's Colors are closely guarded and the membership process is long and difficult. All else put aside, you have to respect the person for what they have accomplished by being able to earn and keep the patch they wear. 2. Those who are less informed see only the surface of things. They see the vigilance of mutual support. And not seeing the poten al dangers of invoking a response from a well-organized unit that travels in numbers and are always prepared for confronta on. They know that NO ONE CAN PROVOKE ONE CLUB MEMBER WITHOUT HAVING TO ANSWER TO THE ENTIRE CLUB, and that such an answer is a point of honor that must come to the last person. The type of respect that this generates is one that is born out of commitment and obedience. The serious motorcycle club will conduct itself publicly in a highly professional manner. They will not go out of their way to cause trouble or to present themselves as an in mida ng force without purpose or provoca on. Their respect is gained from both of the items cited above. There are many lesser clubs whose membership is made up of equally lesser individuals. These clubs, without a con nual show of strength, would have no respect at all. The majority of these types of clubs are short lived; however, the general public does not draw a dis nc on between different club colors. If one club causes a problem that touches the public sector, the offending club's iden ty is either confused or ignored, and heat comes down to suppress all clubs. As a result of this, within a given community, motorcycle clubs will tend to police themselves. There is also a natural hierarchy that is recognized between motorcycle clubs themselves. The strongest and most established club will assume charge of the par cular state in which they ride. This dominant club will for reasons that are beneficial to all: • authorize the establishment of new clubs within the state will disband clubs that cause con nual problems • act as mediators to resolve problems between exis ng clubs step in and enforce their own solu on if the feuding clubs cannot come to terms on their own • provide communica ons links and coordinate intra club events call on the clubs within a state for addi onal support, if needed, when dealing with a threatening external force It is also not uncommon for the dominant club of an area to select some of their prospects from the best of the ranks of the other clubs. In fact some clubs have been established with this sole purpose in mind. If it were not for the dominant club of a state taking this leadership posi on, clubs would not enjoy the luxury of pu ng their me and resources to the benefit of their individual brother or sisterhood. Nor would we enjoy the mobility and freedom of movement that comes with peace and order. Within the motorcycle club itself, officers are elected to the tradi onal posts of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, etc. In addi on, you will find the less tradi onal posts of Road Captain, Enforcer, and WarLord. The Road Captain is responsible for the logis cs of effec vely History of the 3-PC 32 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 42

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