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12 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 42 The Post Riding Days We caught up with Ms. Ronda Brown – best known from RollingWithRonda - during Arizona BikeWeek & BikeFest. A Catholic high school Art Teacher in Elmira, New York. from 2006 to 2010, that her hours were cut to part- me. Then returned to subbing in Waverly, NY un l she took to the road Ronda rode during her younger years while on her first road bike at 18. She stepped away from the bike-life to raise a family including many foster children before she got back on the saddle in 2013. She always had the flame burning inside of her to ride again and when her three sons got older and her six grand-kids also encouraged her to be the "cool" grandma, she thought to herself: "why not start riding again?" While in Asheville North Carolina visi ng a er taking the MSF course at she home rode her friend's 450 Honda Shadow in the North Carolina hills and next thing she knew she was hooked. She rode the 450 Shadow four mes in those difficult winding roads and God-created hills and with every me she did she knew, deep in her soul that she will be riding again in no me. If she had to explain you wouldn't understand… When she got back home to Waverly New York, she wanted a bike…bad! But she did not have money for one, so she began test-riding several different bikes just to get it out of her system, ll she had the money to get her own. On one of the test rides she fell in love with a two-tone red and silver 2005 Carbureted Harley Sporty 883 named Ruby. Ronda really wanted to ride into the sunset with Ruby that very day, but as we noted previously she did not have all the money to make the purchase. Ruby's owner – also a woman rider - told Ronda that: "she felt like they had met before" and she let Ronda give her a down payment of $1,000 signed over the tle and held a promissory note for the balance! Ronda honored her commitment and paid off the balance sooner than expected. The Present Riding Days Ruby was put to use! Ronda rode 8,000 miles her first season on Ruby, then 12,000 miles in 2015 and 14,000 miles in 2017. Pick a des na on and Ronda may just be there! It may be a Law Tigers event or another na onal or regional biker event and Ronda is up for it. This year will be four mes Ronda has travelled across the country and we and her fans and followers expect her to log in between 60-75,000 miles for her year long tour of the country. No pressure! We can easily note that, her local and cross-country trips raising awareness about women riders. Y O U G O R O N D A! We need to connect Ronda with our friend and contribu ng writer: Leah Misch from Riding With Leah. How she got the Tiger Blessing! Someone told her about a contest Law Tigers Motorcycle A orneys was pu ng on looking for a Female Rider to travel the country on her motorcycle and raise awareness about women riders. More than one person told her she should be entering the contest and she was finally persuaded to do so. She sent in her two-minute video on "WHY I RIDE". Over 60 women entered the contest and within a few days Ronda saw the six finalists on Social Media and, she was one of them! Needless to say, she was surprised to see herself as a finalist since there were some great women among the other five like the famous and well respected Courtney Lambert being one and known from many venues like her popular radio show: "Wide Open Radio". Ronda Brown the Lady Rider sponsored by Law Tigers By Peter Kaye 60,000 + miles this year: the story of her blessing! Rolling With Ronda

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