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Page 6 | Abby's Magazine - ASK Abby ASK Abby Dear Abby, I have heard back from the neuropsychologist about my mother. He indicated that she is having a lot of trouble with the part of the brain that deals with visual information. He also said that the MRI showed the small blood vessel in the right side of her brain has become clogged. As a result, that part of her brain is shrinking beyond what is normally associated with aging. He didn't say what caused the blockage and when I asked him what could be done about it, he said "Nothing that I know of." I have a hard time believing that. Thank you, Elena Hi Elena, Your mother's condition, as you described it, is complex. Assuming she is not on blood thinners and doesn't have a history of brain hemorrhage, supplements like ginkgo, huperzine, and vinpocetine may help increase blood flow. I assume that her carotid arteries have been imaged and are allowing the free flow of blood; if not, that is an important step to rule out. It is important also to measure levels of fibrinogen, C-reactive protein and homocysteine as they can all contribute to vascular damage beyond mere cholesterol levels. If she has not had a full sleep study at night to monitor oxygen saturation levels throughout the night, this will be important as low oxygen levels will accelerate atrophy of the brain. I also recommend "Restore" to repair any damage to the blood-brain barrier and blood vessel walls. Sincerely, Abby Dear Abby, I'm 50 years old and have been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus in addition to a hiatal hernia. I have been taking Zantac for years to control my GERD and presently use a formula that contains DGL. The formula smells and tastes very bad, as well as stains my teeth. I have also used plain DGL, but it doesn't seem to help as much as the formula. Do you know of a product that will work similarly? I would like to get off Zantac if I could, or at least replace some of the nutrients I am losing due to taking this for so long. Dr. Roberts Hi Dr. Roberts, Your Barrett's, hiatal hernia, and GERD are all related conditions: they follow habitual substantial intake of fluids during and after meals. When fluid is taken with the meal, the pit of the chyme is altered and the hormone secretin fails to stimulate pancreatic bicarbonate needed to neutralize the acidic chyme and trigger opening of the pyloric value. As a result, your food remains in the stomach, causing fermentation acids to bloat the stomach and subsequently herniate the tissues through the overstretched lower esophageal sphincter. I recommend a liquid diet for 3-4 days to allow the stomach to shrink and return to its normal anatomical position. When you begin back on solid food, do not drink liquids with your meals or two hours following meals. "Digestron" will assist in balancing any excess acid, relaxes your stomach contractions and increase your digestive enzyme production. Also it will assist in healing of your esophagus and allow new healthy cells replace the mutated ones. Sincerely, Abby Dear Abby, My husband has been suffering from gout for 3 years. He continuously takes meds for the pain, but they don't work that well. We are now watching the foods he eats because certain foods affect the gout attack. I am a regular customer at your store, using your products to heal certain problems that I have. I am reaching out to see if there is anything my husband can take for his gout. Please let me know as soon as possible; I pass by your store everyday on my way home from work. Patty Hi Patty, Gout results when the kidneys fail to excrete uric acid. Purine containing foods should be eliminated from the diet. The following protocol works very well to assist the kidneys and remove excess uric acid: Bath Detox: Daily baths (40 min) for 2 weeks, then three times per week for a month. Then two times a week for 2-3 months. Kidney Chi: 3 caps, two times daily before meals. Cordyceps: 2 caps after 2 meals. Asparagus Extract Tea: Drink 1 cup during Bath Detox + 1 cup before a meal. Sincerely, Abby Hi Abby, I'm looking for something to help my generalized anxiety. I tend to let concerns and worries affect my focus at work, and seem to worry about things non-stop, whether small or large. I know worrying to a certain degree is normal, but sometimes I end up getting myself so worked up that I'll be nauseous for the whole day and/or feel like I could talk through things regarding my worry over and over. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jessica Hi Jessica, I recommend the following for generalized anxiety: • Coenzymated B Vitamin Complex 2-3 caps on an empty stomach upon awakening and 2 more in the afternoon. • Inositol Powder by Jarrow - ¼ tsp. in water ever 2-3 hours for several days, them ¼ tsp. three times a day ongoing. • Lithium Orotate – 1 on empty stomach morning and bedtime. Let me know how this works out for you. Sincerely, Abby In Honor of Abby Sayler, please send your testimonials to: We would love to print them, thank you!

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